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obs / LEMP,Kernel,Security,Tools,Monitoring
697 deployments · 145 still active · last rev. 7 years ago

Installs nginx (optionally from https://launchpad.net/~nginx/+archive/stable), Apache, MySQL, PHP (running as fastcgi), monit, munin, various other tools, sets up basic firewall,locks down ssh, sets up standard user, installs postfix and configures root alias, installs ubuntu ec2 kernel

obs / LEMP 12.04
410 deployments · 114 still active · last rev. 6 years ago

Install nginx, various useful tools such as shorewall, logwatch etc as well as optionally installing mysql and php-fpm

obs / LEMP,Kernel,Security,Tools,Monitoring - Functions
60 deployments · 6 still active · last rev. 7 years ago

Does nothing on its own, contains functions to install Nginx, Apache, MySQL PHP (running as fastcgi), postfix, munin, monit, configure ssh for pubkey only access, enabling a unprivileged user, basic iptables, set up root mail alias, and install the ubuntu ec2 stock kernel.

obs / LEMP 12.04 Functions
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This script does nothing on its own.