DeskPRO Helpdesk

by deskpro
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DeskPRO Helpdesk is the leading en-premise helpdesk product used by both small companies and large enterprises (Microsoft, P&G, Panasonic, Xerox etc.).

DeskPRO comprises a number of applications including the core ticketing system (with email integration), live chat, task management, knowledgebase, news, crowd-sourced feedback and CRM.

DeskPRO has native mobile apps, an extensive API, integrations with dozens of other products.

This stackscript will install a full environment for DeskPRO including nginx, php, mysql, elasticsearch and the DeskPRO software. It will setup a cron task and configure permissions correctly. Keeping your DeskPRO installation up to date is then a one button click from the Admin Area.

Compatible with: CentOS 7, Debian 8, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
apt-get install curl
curl -s -L | sudo bash