LAMP Stack

by nickbb
34 deployments · 13 still active · last rev. 8 years ago

Installs a fully functioning, ready to go LAMP stack that's optimized specifically for your Linode's resources. By default, it creates a VirtualHost using the reverse DNS of your Linode's primary IP.

Optionally creates a MySQL database and user, and assigns that user grants to the database.

You may use this as an example for creating more VirtualHosts. Set up VirtualHosts, install your sites, point your domains to your Linode, and you're set!

Compatible with: No distros currently supported
# <UDF name="db_password" Label="MySQL root Password" />
# <UDF name="db_name" Label="Create Database" default="" example="Optionally create this database" />
# <UDF name="db_user" Label="Create MySQL User" default="" example="Optionally create this user" />
# <UDF name="db_user_password" Label="MySQL User's Password" default="" example="User's password" />

source <ssinclude StackScriptID="1">

mysql_install "$DB_PASSWORD" && mysql_tune 40
mysql_create_database "$DB_PASSWORD" "$DB_NAME"
mysql_create_user "$DB_PASSWORD" "$DB_USER" "$DB_USER_PASSWORD"
mysql_grant_user "$DB_PASSWORD" "$DB_USER" "$DB_NAME"
php_install_with_apache && php_tune
apache_install && apache_tune 40 && apache_virtualhost_from_rdns