GitLab CE

by rickmyers
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Minimal install of the GitLab Community Edition on Debian with omnibus.

Instructions from

GitLab recommends at least 4GB of free memory to run.

Compatible with: Debian 8, Debian 9
# <UDF name="URL" Label="The hostname at which you want to access your GitLab instance and for sending mail through Postfix" example="" />

# Update the system
source <ssinclude StackScriptID="1">

# Install and configure the necessary dependencies
apt-get install -y curl openssh-server ca-certificates

# Pre-seed the postfix options
debconf-set-selections <<< "postfix postfix/mailname string $URL"
debconf-set-selections <<< "postfix postfix/main_mailer_type string 'Internet Site'"

# Install postfix
apt-get install -y postfix

# Add the GitLab package repository
curl -sS | bash

# Install the GitLab package.
EXTERNAL_URL=http://"$URL" apt-get install gitlab-ce

echo -e "\n\nGitLab is installed! Go to http://\"$URL\" to get configurin'.\n"