by dvershinin
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Get your server up and running with LEMP stack in no time-powered by:

* latest stable NGINX with Brotli and PageSpeed modules
* Percona MySQL

* SELinux protection
* Installs the bare minimum. No stuff that you don't need. Efficient without all the bloatware, so it's good for panel-less setup
* All-packaged install. All the packages are maintained in CDN powered RPM repository and you are always on the bleeding edge yet stable versions of NGINX and PageSpeed module with just `yum -y upgrade`.
* Build for stability. Configures extra swap space in order to prevent out of memory issue - an often oversight of many web server installs
* This StackScript is a good starting point for other LEMP based specific installations, e.g. a WP LEMP StackScript or a Magento LEMP StackScript

Compatible with: CentOS 7

#<UDF name="fqdn" label="The new Linode's Fully Qualified Domain Name">

curl | /bin/bash