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Standard WP Site with Apache, MySql and PHP on Ubuntu LTS-Server.

Compatible with: No distros currently supported
# stackscript: WPLAMP
# Create a WPLamp-stack for WordPress at Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.
# author: Andreas Ek <andreas at flowcom.se>
# To better understand what this stackscript does please go to http://repo.flowcom.se/flowcom/wplamp

# <UDF name="host_name" Label="Server's hostname" default="ServerName" />
# <UDF name="host_account" Label="The account that manage the server instead of root" default="www" />
# <UDF name="host_password" Label="Strong password" />
# <UDF name="host_ssh_key" Label="The hos account public ssh key" />

# <UDF name="service_account" Label="Name of service user" default="service" />
# <UDF name="service_password" Label="Password for service user" />
# <UDF name="service_email" Label="Service account email" />
# <UDF name="web_domain" Label="domain of the Wordpress site" default="mydomain.org" />

exec > /tmp/install_server.log

echo "Install Mercurial to clone down bash scripts..." 1>&2
apt-get -y install mercurial

echo "Cloning Flowcom WPLAMP to tmp folder" 1>&2
cd /tmp
hg clone http://code.flowcom.se/public/wplamp

echo "Running WPLAMP installer" 1>&2