puppet init

by lorenzosalvadorini
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Add puppet to the host, taking it from the puppetlabs repository
Add GIT client so you are ready to clone a repository with recipes and do a puppet apply

Compatible with: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

# Setup PuppetLabs repository
DISTRO=$(grep DISTRIB_CODENAME /etc/lsb-release | awk -F= '{print $2}')
/usr/bin/wget -q https://apt.puppetlabs.com/puppetlabs-release-$DISTRO.deb
sudo dpkg -i puppetlabs-release-$DISTRO.deb
sudo apt-get update -y -q
sudo apt-get safe-upgrade -y -q

# Install puppet without the agent init script
sudo apt-get install git-core puppet-common hiera -y -q

# End of debian-based setup, from here use only puppet HAL resources
puppet resource package rubygems ensure=installed
puppet resource package librarian-puppet ensure=installed provider=gem