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The support experience you deserve, but rarely receive.

Support Experience

Our award-winning support team is a highly-trained team of service professionals dedicated to finding solutions while providing an unparalleled customer experience 24/7/365. Say no to bad customer service and experience the Linode difference.

The Linode Approach to Support

The Support team goes above and beyond to provide solutions and resources to solve customer problems. We work through various channels to help our customers (tickets, emails, phone calls, social media) quickly, with technical accuracy and sincerity at the heart of every interaction. We empower every team member to feel confident and capable in handling any issue that comes our way through a robust training and mentorship program.

We LOVE Linux and we use it every day. Our environment and the tools we use at Linode make it easy to switch between independent, autonomous work and collaboration with colleagues for customer escalations, projects, and product development. Our culture and core values in Support influence everything we do, and we seek every opportunity to improve ourselves, our team, our processes, and the company.

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Linode Support
Core Values

We strive to provide the best support in our industry. When customers say what they love about Linode, “Customer Support” should be at the top of their list.

  1. We take exceptional care of our customers. Earning their trust and making them happy are our core responsibilities.
  2. We provide solutions for our customers. We deal in facts and suggest the best possible solution to every problem. We are enabled to make decisions based on what is best for our customer, our team, and Linode.
  3. We provide the best possible update every single time, without exception, when solving problems for our customers.
  4. We work hard, and we have fun doing it. We create the environment that we want to work in.
  5. We value remarkable, innovative, and compassionate individuals who have profound impacts on our team. We use open dialogue and the Support Feedback Model to empower each other to seek every opportunity to improve ourselves, our team, our processes, and our company. We come to work every day committed to being better than we were the day before.
Here's what our customers have to say...

"As usual, very quick, friendly, useful Linode [now Akamai] support. Always appreciated."

Mobile App Developer

The Linode Support Difference

As a company, we believe in providing every opportunity to help the Support team grow and develop their skills. This is not only beneficial to the company, but to the growth and development of our support team and our customer’s experience in crucial times.

Onboarding and Training

Each Customer Support hire goes through an intensive internal training class to learn the ins and outs of both the Linode platform and Linux essentials.

Career Paths and Growth

Customer Support team members are given the opportunity to work with senior management to create and develop a plan that helps them get to where they'd like to progress in the company.

Personal Development

Linux and technology is a passion. We promote that all employees take time throughout the week to work on personal projects that are related to their department, but not necessarily their daily tasks.

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Interested in joining our team?

We're always looking for talented and dedicated team members. If all of this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, check out our careers page and apply for a position. Tech experience isn't a must, but a passion for providing help to our customers is.

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