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Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Best practices and more for deploying containers, overviews of containerization systems, like Docker, RKT, and LXC, as well as Kubernetes, an open-source container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, scaling, and management.


Simplicity, Support, and Openness Lead Changelog to Linode Kubernetes Engine

Changelog's move to an open source app repository coincided with its first foray into managed Kubernetes with Linode.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

A Tutorial for Using Octant with Kubernetes

This guide will explore a few ways to use Octant with some example software deployments.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Troubleshooting Kubernetes

This guide tries to equip you with the core tools that can be useful when troubleshooting Kubernetes, and it introduces some situations that you may find yourself in.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

KubeCon EU

Amsterdam, The Netherlands | POSTPONED
We close out our Q1 events in Amsterdam for KubeCon EU. This is the CNCFs flagship conference, and it gathers adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud native communities from around the world. If you’ll be attending, make sure to stop by our booth to find out about all the new things we […]
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
A cartoon graphic of a person at a computer with the Kubernetes logo behind him
Hillary Wilmoth

Linode Managed Kubernetes Now Available

Nov 19, 2019 by Hillary Wilmoth
Today we announced the open beta for Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE). While Kubernetes has become the de facto standard for orchestrating containerized workloads, running it remains unnecessarily difficult. Linode Kubernetes Engine overcomes the challenges of today’s offerings through enhanced automation and a reimagined user experience.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
A cartoon graphic of a person at a computer with the Kubernetes logo behind him

Linode Launches Managed Kubernetes Engine

Nov 19, 2019
PHILADELPHIA, November 19, 2019 — Linode, the world’s largest independent open cloud provider, today launched Linode Kubernetes Engine, now the easiest to use fully-managed container orchestration platform for deploying and managing modern applications in the cloud. Industry excitement around Kubernetes — a key driver of an application and container market 451 Research says will exceed […]
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
Jon Frederickson

Whitelisting IP Addresses on Kubernetes: What We Learned

Oct 16, 2019 by Jon Frederickson
Linode Systems Engineer Jon “jfred” Frederickson shares his experience building out the IP whitelisting feature for running Kubernetes on Linode. As Linode’s engineering team built out our Kubernetes features, we hit plenty of obstacles, as expected. However, one challenge arose that we weren’t anticipating: how to whitelist applications running in Kubernetes on the infrastructure we […]
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Rancher 2.3 makes it easier to use Linode for Kubernetes

Oct 8, 2019 by Linode
Rancher 2.3 makes it easier to use Linode for Kubernetes As the Linode community continues to adopt Docker and Kubernetes for their workloads, we started working with Rancher to make it easier to deploy and manage your Kuberenetes clusters with Rancher on Linode. Back in April, we launched the Linode Node Driver for Rancher and […]
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
Andrew Sauber

5 Kubernetes Shell Tricks

Oct 2, 2019 by Andrew Sauber
Hi! Andrew here—developer at Linode. In the process of building a managed Kubernetes solution, I’ve discovered and created several tricks that I use to make daily tasks with Kubernetes easier. I wanted to share these five here with you and I hope you find them as helpful as I have. 1. The Meta-Shell Trick I first […]
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

San Diego, CA November 18, 2019 - November 21, 2019
We’re off to sunny San Diego for KubeCon North America. This conference gathers adopters and technologists from leading open source and cloud-native communities for four days to advance cloud native computing. We look forward to escaping the cold for a few days and sharing our latest product updates with you.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
Blair Lyon

Coming Soon: Linode Kubernetes Engine

Sep 25, 2019 by Blair Lyon
The Linode engineering team has been working overtime to respond to the needs of our customers and the market. We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Linode Kubernetes Engine beta program. What to expect? Kubernetes made simpler. Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) is a fully-managed container orchestration engine for deploying and managing containerized […]
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Introducing A Beginner’s Guide to Kubernetes

Aug 26, 2019 by Linode
Linode’s Documentation team recently released a comprehensive five-part tutorial to help readers discover and implement the Kubernetes container orchestration system, often referred to as k8s. A Beginner’s Guide to Kubernetes answers fundamental questions and introduces essential principles of Kubernetes. The guide is supplemented by a reference and glossary to explain new terminology while progressing through […]
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)