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Cloud computing for all

Cloud Simplified
Managing complex cloud infrastructure should not be hard, that's why there's Linode. We make deploying, managing, and scaling your cloud applications simple.

Making cloud computing simple

From our flat pricing to intuitive cloud manager and full-featured API, Linode makes it easy to scale in the cloud.

Transparent Pricing

You shouldn't have to guess or worry about what your monthly invoice is going to be. We've made it simple by bundling CPU, transfer, storage, and RAM into one monthly cost. Choose the instance type and plan size that meets your application's needs and start developing.

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Scaling on Linode


In just a few clicks you can scale up your instance plan up to accommodate an increase in traffic or needed resources. When you no longer need the resources simply scale your plan back down. The best part is you only pay for what you use.

Full-Featured API

With the Linode API, you have the ability to programmatically manage the full range of Linode products and services. You can easily deploy Linodes in a matter of minutes.

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Linode Intuitive Cloud Manager

Intuitive Cloud Manager

The Linode Cloud Manager makes it easy for you to create and manage your Linode services and account. Create users and set custom permissions based on the level of access you want to give each user. Set up custom alerts to tell you when you're getting close to your resource limits.

Documentation & Community

Want to learn something new? Stuck on an issue? Chances are we have a doc for you. Our library consists of over 3,000 guides that range from beginner to advanced topics. If you can't find a solution there, then head over to our community and connect with Linode and Linux enthusiasts to get some answers.

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Award-Winning Customer Support

Linode's customer support is dedicated to a high quality of service by providing thoughtful, timely, and accurate responses to our customers. They answer each and every customer that opens a ticket, sends an email, or calls our phones.  Each support team member is continuously trained and educated on the latest Linode services and open-source technologies.

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Simplify your infrastructure today!