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Fully-configured apps deployed with One-Click

One-Click APPS

Save time deploying in the cloud with pre-installed software.

One-Click Apps

Choose one of the popular apps in the Linode library, tweak its configuration, and click deploy. It’s that simple. Whether you’re setting up a new development environment or a Minecraft server for the kids, you can have your code running with a click.


App Creation, Simplified

No more jumping through hoops to get your software up and running. Ditch the command line and use One-Click to launch new Linodes with ready-to-run apps and services.


Customize Your Apps

If your app's default configuration doesn't meet your needs, you can keep the parts that work and change the bits that don’t. Customize your app’s resources, location, metadata, and more during creation — and run your apps the way you want.


One-Stop Shop

Choose from our ever-growing library of pre-configured apps and services, including Wordpress, Minecraft, GitLab, and the many more we're constantly adding.


Centralized Management Platform

Easy deployment deserves easy management. The Linode Cloud Manager lets you effortlessly manage and track your compute instances on a single page.

John Schaeffer

John Schaeffer

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