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33% d'espace disque supplémentaire


Pour la seule raison que nous aimons vous tenir en haleine, nous avons ajouté 33,3 % d'espace disque supplémentaire à nos plans, pour les clients existants et les nouveaux clients, disponible immédiatement ! Vous pouvez utiliser cet espace en redimensionnant vos images disques existantes ou en créant de nouvelles images et en les attachant à votre profil de configuration.

Linode 360 passe de 12GB à 16GB
Linode 540 passe de 18GB à 24GB
Linode 720 va de 24GB à 32GB
Linode 1080 va de 32GB à 48GB
Linode 1440 passe de 48GB à 64GB
Linode 2880 passe de 96GB à 128GB

Nous vous remercions de votre confiance et sommes heureux de pouvoir continuellement améliorer notre offre et notre valeur. Merci et bonne lecture !

Commentaires (70)

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  2. Author Photo

    So cool, Linode becomes better and better.

  3. Author Photo

    AAAAH!!! The world is ending…MOAR DISK!

  4. Author Photo

    Thanks for the awesome service!!

  5. Author Photo
  6. Author Photo

    Awesome! Thank you Linode!

  7. Author Photo

    Great news? How knows 33% + memory =)

  8. Author Photo

    More and more reasons why I wish I would have known about you guys years ago!

  9. Author Photo

    Wow, thank you! So glad I am with you guys!

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    Not that I need the extra space at the moment, but this is fantastic news! You sure know how to put smiles on the faces of your customers. Keep it coming!

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    Though I would have preferred some extra memory!

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    Linode, thanks for the extra diskspace. That is great. Really love the service.

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  14. Author Photo

    Thanks for the increase in disk space! Linode is a great service.

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    I’ve only been here a week and already a free hd bump… fantastic!

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  17. Author Photo

    Wow, day 2 and I get an extra 33%. So glad I switched!

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    Rock on! I’ve already allocated it!

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    I really like seeing that you guys don’t just sit still, you’re always moving and always improving.

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  22. Author Photo

    Excellent news! Thanks for making your customers happy!

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  24. Author Photo

    Another happy customer. Thanks caker & crew. You guys rock, as always. Keep the good work up 😉

    Time to spread the news…!

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    what a pleasant surprise. just switched to linode from slicehost couple days ago. Did have a support ticket but the tech was knowledgeable and quick response. Keep up the great work!

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    Wow, this is very good news! Amazing, thanks! 🙂

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    I love you, Linode!

  32. Author Photo

    Thank you Linode – amazing service yet again!

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    great great great great guys!

  34. Author Photo
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  37. Author Photo

    Extra disk space is nice, but now I have to break my uptime to resize my partitions! Curse you linode! 🙂

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    that is great, thank you linode 😀

  39. Author Photo

    Awesome. Linode, LLC is the best company in the world 🙂

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    This is unbeliavable! The relatively small disk space was the only “not-so-good” thing about Linode and now it’s much better! Thanks Linode!

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    Yay! I was just thinking about upgrading the HDD space, but now I don’t have to, and I don’t have to tighten my budget even more.


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    Wow! Thanks a lot! 😀

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  44. Author Photo
  45. Author Photo

    Fantastic news! Thank you and be sure that i will continue to use your services for a very long time 🙂

  46. Author Photo

    Thanks for the outstanding service! I hope your business prospers!

  47. Author Photo

    When I opened up my Linode Manager today, I literally did a double-take when I glanced at the storage summary.

    Thanks a lot! You guys are awesome.

  48. Author Photo

    Just 3 months that i’m with you guys… and i’m already in love! Time to buy some new linodes 😀

  49. Author Photo
  50. Author Photo

    Once again, Linode delivers! Thanks guys. 🙂

  51. Author Photo

    Linode Rulez! Thanks Fellas!

  52. Author Photo

    Nifty! Value adds are amazing and great for keeping us around!

  53. Author Photo

    thank you linode!!!!

    *bouncing up and down*

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    youre the best

  55. Author Photo

    Install a 32 bit OS and your processes might (probably will) less memory! This combined with more disk space–you guys rock!

  56. Author Photo

    Fantastic! Thanks, Linode.

  57. Author Photo

    Thanks very much for the generous offer – I appreciate it. I would benefit more from a 33% increase in RAM at this point, but who knows what the future holds.


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    Thanks for the extra diskspace — much appreciated. space can be tight, especially with having to keep backups, and 33% is a really meaningful increase.

  59. Author Photo

    I assume it’s non trivial to dynamically resize a partiion for ubuntu and dynamically use it all [i.e. drive magically becomes larger?]

  60. Christopher Aker

    It’s as simple as shutting down, clicking on the disk image, entering in a new size, saving, and booting back up.

  61. Author Photo

    This is mo betta butta!


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    Thank you so much for this upgrade! Because my manner of backup is very basic (split the image size in half and dupe it on the same ‘node), storage is a premium on my 360. 2GB more (from 5GB total/image) makes a world of difference.

  64. Author Photo

    Another reason why I keep recommending Linode to my friends! You guys rock!

  65. Author Photo

    I looked up the updates. Linode is growing each day and knows how to please their customers.

    K whistles: “we want additional RAM besides the disk space”

    Thank you Linode!

  66. Author Photo

    yes, indeed – thank you.

    darn fine.

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    Well played guys, keep up the great service! 😉

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    now we only need more bandwith

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    such a nice surprise – my linode just works and when i get around to doing something I notice an unexpected increase – i think this is a great way to promote loyalty.

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