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L'article de Dr. Dobb sur Linode


logo_ddjMike Riley (twitter @mriley), rédacteur en chef du Dr. Dobb's Journal, a fait un bon article sur le sujet. article sur Linode.

Le DDJ existe sous diverses formes depuis plus de 30 ans et est l'une des revues de développement logiciel les plus respectées. Mike passe en revue quelques-unes des fonctionnalités de Linode, le nouveau APIet m'accorde une courte interview en page 2.

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    Wow, that’s quite an honor! Even though it isn’t what it once was, it must be awesome to be able to tell your friends you were interviewed in DDJ!

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    Great news for Linode, that sure will bring exposure to one of the, if not the best VPS hosting on the web =D

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    Grats! DDJ is catching up to your great service.

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    A quote from what he wrote:

    “The VM automation potential using Linode’s simple, uncluttered API is huge. VM’s can easily and quickly come into and out of existence based on customer demand, client configuration and application variations, testing needs and more.”

    Absolutely, huge was a great word to use in it’s description of what he sees in the possibilities. The whole service is very flexible and allows for a large array() of “on_the_fly” opportunities.

    “quickly come into and out of existence based on customer demand”

    Is one of the absolute best qualities of the service(s).

    Super write up!,

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