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BlogLinodeLinode fait partie de la liste Inc. 500

Linode fait partie de la liste Inc. 500

Pour la deuxième année consécutive, je suis incroyablement fier d'annoncer que Linode fait partie de la liste Inc. 500 des entreprises privées américaines à la croissance la plus rapide.

Cette présence répétée dans l'Inc. 500 démontre l'engagement de notre équipe à fabriquer des produits de qualité et à fournir un service à la clientèle extraordinaire. Je suis honoré de faire partie de notre équipe dynamique et dévouée.

Je tiens à féliciter chaque employé pour sa contribution à notre succès et à remercier nos clients de nous avoir choisis comme fournisseur d'hébergement. Nous sommes enthousiastes à l'idée de ce que l'avenir réserve à Linode et nous sommes impatients de présenter les nouveaux services sur lesquels nous avons travaillé.

Pour plus d'informations, veuillez consulter notre communiqué de presse officiel.

Christopher S. Aker
Fondateur et PDG de Linode

Commentaires (35)

  1. Author Photo

    Using Linode for a few months – and I am extremely satisfied. Especially the Linode Manager was a pleasant surprise comparing to other VPS services. Good job guys.

  2. Author Photo

    Congratulations! You are the best!

  3. Author Photo

    Congrats, you guys deserved it 🙂

  4. Author Photo

    Congrats! Keep up the great service and excellent responsiveness. I could not be more satisfied with Linode and I use them a lot for my business, startups, and many of my clients.

    Linode is the best VPS provider there is. Period.

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    I am a 3 year old happy customer. Their service is incredible and robust.

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    Linode VPS is the best solution for me as an indie web developer. Your leading position is fairly deserved by 100% uptime and attentive support.

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    Hi Christopher and Linode team,

    Congratulations from another happy client. You do entrepreneurial companies like us possible with your cloud service.

    Kind regards,
    Team Appsmakerstore

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    Congratulations! I’m one happy customer!

  9. Author Photo

    Any Linode extras/freebies to celebrate? 😉

  10. Author Photo

    A few months ago, before signing up with Linode I was a little bit scared of moving from shared hosting to a VPS because I’m fairly new to Linux. This is the best decision I’ve made. Thanks to the clear and amazing docs, along with the IRC channel i could set up my LAMP, incoming and outgoing email, GIT, Database and server management through ssh and install any software i want to use.

    I couldn’t be happier with the service. Congratulations.

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    Impress us with better service and offerings.

    Inc 500 is just a list…. but I have to admit, your growth is impressive. Not everyone is available to cope with that without sacrificing quality of service.

  12. Author Photo

    what about a datacenter in germany?

  13. Author Photo

    I hope you share your success/hapiness with us by offering some ram upgrade, or some 10-15$ packages at 384mb ram!
    thanks for your care!

  14. Author Photo

    Well done, Chris and the team, as always. I like to consider myself a Linode ‘old timer’, and have been really happy with your service since day one!

  15. Author Photo


  16. Author Photo

    Congratulations, keep up the great work.

  17. Author Photo

    one (or more) extra datacenter i EU would be great. I would definetly add extra accounts on an extra datacenter 😉

  18. Author Photo

    I’ve a VPS in UK.
    Waiting Italian datacenter 😉
    Good job guys

  19. Author Photo
  20. Author Photo

    I’m not surprised. Linode is the best VPS host.

  21. Author Photo

    The most important feature for me would be a new datacenter in Europe. Optimally in a country with sane jurisdiction like Finland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland or so.

    This is the only thing missing at Linode.

  22. Author Photo

    Long time linode customer nods in agreeance with your award.

  23. Author Photo

    Came over when Slicehost got swallowed by the whale, and it’s been an extremely positive experience. It’s rare for me to say in this business that I have had a flawless experience, but that’s exactly what it has been. Thanks and congratulations on the recognition.

  24. Author Photo

    Congratulations !

    Yes, Switzerland, the real center of of Europe, will be great !

    Thank you,


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    Congrats on making the list again this year, you deserve it. I am very glad I found you as a host, as I have yet to encounter any troubles or downtime.

    Keep up the great job, and please don’t sell out to a bigger company that will ruin everything you have built.

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    Congrats on moving up in a very tough market! Hope this is a sign of good things to come, :).

  27. Author Photo

    Congratulations!! you people deserve this.

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    We have been a customer of linode for a little while now and as a SA, I rarely gave thumbs up to a hosting company but you guys deserve it, good job & keep it up!

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    Malaysia/Singapore datacenter please! Would love to use you for my local clients too.

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    For me, the only thing missing at Linode is Managed Support, at least at the OS level. Occasionally I need minor help with Apache, MySQL, Postfix etc., and so I’m reluctant to move clients over to Linode. But I check here every so often, hoping that one day Linode will be offering paid support to compliment their existing service.

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    I have been using Linode VPS for a year now and am very much satisfied. I was impressed the way my issue was solved few months back. They have very well trained engineers and I congratulate them for their hard and quality work and dedication.

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    I am a long-standing Linode customer and I have never been anything less than thrilled with the experience! Linode have the best online manager out there, the most understanding and helpful support team and most importantly, in 3 years I’ve had no recorded downtime. Nice work Linode, you deserve every award going!

  33. Author Photo

    I’ve been a customer for just about 12 months now and I would agree with the majority of people commenting here that Linode really provides a great value and exceptional service.

    Keep up the good work!


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  35. Author Photo

    Bit late, but congrats! Used you guys for several years now, since ’07 or ’08 I think. Best VPS provider hands down. Keep up the great work!

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