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Debian 4.0 et Ubuntu 7.04

Debian 4.0 Etch et Ubuntu 7.04 Fiesty Fawn sont désormais disponibles à l'installation via l'assistant de distribution.

Les installations existantes peuvent, bien sûr, être mises à jour via apt.

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    Any chance of getting a list of packages that are already installed?
    a copy of
    [code]dpkg –get-selections[/code]

    would be great!!


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    [quote:5152ee21bb=”Internat”]Any chance of getting a list of packages that are already installed?
    a copy of
    [code]dpkg –get-selections[/code]

    would be great!!


    Here is my freshly installed (via the distro wizard) Etch:

    li18-128:~# dpkg –get-selections
    adduser install
    apt install
    apt-utils install
    aptitude install
    base-config install
    base-files install
    base-passwd install
    bash install
    bsdmainutils install
    bsdutils install
    bzip2 install
    console-common install
    console-data install
    console-tools install
    coreutils install
    cpio install
    cron install
    debconf install
    debconf-i18n install
    debian-archive-keyring install
    debianutils install
    dhcp-client deinstall
    dhcp3-client install
    dhcp3-common install
    diff install
    dmidecode install
    dpkg install
    dselect install
    e2fslibs install
    e2fsprogs install
    ed install
    exim install
    fileutils install
    findutils install
    gcc-3.3-base install
    gcc-4.1-base install
    gettext-base install
    gnupg install
    gpgv install
    grep install
    groff-base install
    gzip install
    hostname install
    ifupdown install
    info install
    initscripts install
    iptables install
    iputils-ping install
    klogd install
    laptop-detect install
    less install
    libacl1 install
    libattr1 install
    libblkid1 install
    libbz2-1.0 install
    libc6 install
    libcap1 install
    libcomerr2 install
    libconsole install
    libdb1-compat install
    libdb2 install
    libdb3 install
    libdb3-util install
    libdb4.2 install
    libdb4.3 install
    libdb4.4 install
    libdevmapper1.02 install
    libedit2 install
    libgcc1 install
    libgcrypt11 install
    libgdbm3 install
    libgdbmg1 install
    libgnutls11 install
    libgnutls13 install
    libgpg-error0 install
    libident install
    libidn11 install
    libkrb53 install
    libldap2 install
    liblocale-gettext-perl install
    liblockfile1 install
    liblzo1 install
    libncurses5 install
    libncursesw5 install
    libnewt0.51 deinstall
    libnewt0.52 install
    libopencdk8 install
    libpam-modules install
    libpam-runtime install
    libpam0g install
    libpcap0 install
    libpcre3 install
    libpopt0 install
    libreadline4 install
    libreadline5 install
    libsasl2 install
    libsasl2-2 install
    libsasl7 install
    libselinux1 install
    libsepol1 install
    libsigc++-1.2-5c102 install
    libsigc++-2.0-0c2a install
    libslang2 install
    libss2 install
    libssl0.9.6 install
    libssl0.9.7 install
    libssl0.9.8 install
    libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2 install
    libstdc++5 install
    libstdc++6 install
    libtasn1-2 install
    libtasn1-3 install
    libtext-charwidth-perl install
    libtext-iconv-perl install
    libtext-wrapi18n-perl install
    libusb-0.1-4 install
    libuuid1 install
    libwrap0 install
    login install
    logrotate install
    lsb-base install
    mailx install
    makedev install
    man-db install
    manpages install
    mawk install
    mbr install
    mktemp install
    mount install
    nano install
    ncurses-base install
    ncurses-bin install
    net-tools install
    netbase install
    netkit-inetd deinstall
    netkit-ping install
    nvi install
    openbsd-inetd install
    openssh-client install
    openssh-server install
    passwd install
    perl-base install
    procps install
    psmisc install
    readline-common install
    sed install
    shellutils install
    slang1 deinstall
    slang1a-utf8 install
    ssh install
    sysklogd install
    sysv-rc install
    sysvinit install
    sysvinit-utils install
    tar install
    tasksel install
    tasksel-data install
    tcpd install
    telnet install
    textutils install
    tzdata install
    update-inetd install
    util-linux install
    wget install
    whiptail install
    whois install
    zlib1g install

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    [quote:a207371992=”mikegrb”]Debian 4.0 Etch and Ubuntu 7.04 Fiesty Fawn are now available for installation via the distro wizard.[/quote]

    SCHWEEEET! Now I have something to do over the 4th of July
    holiday weekend other than put in a garden for the wife.

    "Honey, is the garden in yet?"

    "It’s too hot outside right now (heh heh heh, type type type…)"


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    Cool! Thanks for releasing this.

    [quote:728b0aeff5=”mikegrb”]Debian 4.0 Etch and Ubuntu 7.04 Fiesty Fawn are now available for installation via the distro wizard.[/quote]

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    Oops! I goofed, forgot to replace the UUID entry for swap. Your /etc/fstab should look something like:
    [code]/dev/ubda / ext3 defaults 0 1
    /dev/ubdb none swap defaults 0 0
    /proc /proc proc defaults 0 0
    /sys /sys sysfs defaults 0 0[/code]

    So simply replace the UUID=<blah> with /dev/ubdb (the default, if your swap device is elsewhere, substitute accordingly).

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