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Apresentando o StackScripts

Precisa de uma maneira rápida de colocar em funcionamento uma pilha LAMP que seja automaticamente sintonizada, ajustada e otimizada para você? Já desejou que houvesse uma maneira de implantar uma pilha de Wordpress que funcionasse de forma imediata? Que tal uma maneira fácil de implantar um conjunto de Linodes configurados de forma idêntica?

StackScripts™oferece uma maneira flexível de personalizar nossos modelos de distribuição. Eles são muito fáceis de usar - encontre um StackScript, responda suas perguntas e clique em deploy. Quando o deployment é iniciado pela primeira vez, o script é executado e faz sua coisa. Você pode até mesmo observar seu progresso, visualizando o console.

StackScripts podem ser privados para sua conta, compartilhados com a comunidade Linode, ou escolhidos de nossa biblioteca de StackScripts de código aberto. O sistema Linode Manager Users and Grants permite a você restringir quem pode usar ou editar seus StackScripts privados. O Linode API pode até mesmo lidar com o StackScripts, de modo que o gerenciamento pode ser integrado ao seu fluxo de trabalho existente.

Você pode consultar o repositório de StackScripts públicos no Linode Manager. Você também notará um novo link fora da página de implantação para implantação a partir de um StackScript, e na aba principal de Linodes um link para o editor StackScript.

Comentários (18)

  1. Author Photo

    Wow this is great news. Certainly will speed up work, thanks!

  2. Author Photo

    All I can say is WOW. This will save so much time when deploying a linode! Thanks!

  3. Author Photo

    Sounds great.

    @Linode Question: How do I upgrade my packages once I’ve deployed a stack (LAMP).

    Meaning, say I deploy your LAMP script. Then a year goes by and a new version of Apache, MySQL or PHP is available. How do I upgrade to the newest “StackScript” packages?

  4. Christopher Aker

    @Tim once deployed, you maintain the Linux deployment like any other – apt-get/yum/etc.

  5. Author Photo

    nice, but will automatic updates work with wordpress stackscripts?

    it’s a great idea…

  6. Christopher Aker

    Automatic updates of what?

    Ultimately it depends on what a StackScript does. The ones that we’ve created use the distro’s packages, so upgrading the packages later on would work just fine. Some StackScripts may install software from source, so in that case you’d want to stay away from the distro’s packaged version. It really depends.

  7. Author Photo

    How does this compare to chef-solo?

  8. Author Photo

    I think this is a great idea. I remember when I first set up my LAMP, I followed a tutorial and mostly copy and pasted the commands. This should amount to the same thing. One question though, are these scripts going to be given maintainers to ensure they are allays kept up to date?

  9. Christopher Aker

    We’re committed to maintaining ours. I can’t speak for the user-contributed ones. If they’re popular enough, we’ll pick them up and release them as supported versions…

  10. Author Photo

    Its nice, but this is not Linode original. This was an innovation from some other company, I remember reading about it not sure of the name. I even remember Caker saying it was ‘gimmicky’.

  11. Author Photo

    I m happy that I can now recommend linode to simple users.

    Webbynode’s scripts was a nice idea, but still the vps itself missed a lot of the features of linode,because they did not want to make it complicated for users.

    Night support guy, european node, now scripts.

    A few more improvements, and for sure you will set new standards in the competition.

    I hope there will be possibility for community scripts, and a rating/security check system web application for them.

    I m happy that lately you hear your customers, and you do what is necessary to keep them happy.

    Competition helps all of the industry, technology proceeds like that, and there is real progress.


  12. Author Photo

    Very cool! I’m looking forward to creating a StackScript for our Project Mercury high-performance Drupal installation. 🙂

  13. Author Photo

    A script to install debian+dtc+mysql+php+apache would be great for those that want to easily set up and manage multiple sites.

  14. Author Photo

    Is there any way we could browse the generally available includes such as the “StackScript Bash Library” without going into another stackscript? It would be nice to know what includes are available, quickly.

  15. Author Photo

    Will Linode be deploying a mail setup? I’m rather looking forward to that one.

  16. Author Photo

    @Josh Koenig I’m looking forward to that! Bring it!

  17. Author Photo

    Excellent. I have only been with Linode for 3 months but already I am a hardcore fan.

  18. Author Photo

    It’s been quite in Linode-land lately.

    Any new updates?

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