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How to Store and Organize Your Media by Installing Nextcloud on Linode Using Super Fast NVMe Storage

In this video, we'll cover setting up a Nextcloud server using Linode's One-Click Marketplace. As a bonus, we'll attach Linode's newly upgraded NVMe Block Storage to the Nextcloud server.


Linode Has The Fastest NVMe-Based Block Storage Among All Cloud Providers

Cloud Spectator ( is one of the most reputable, independent cloud benchmarking and consulting firms focused on the performance of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and applications in the Cloud. The company recently conducted a Linode-commissioned study on NVMe-based block storage and looked at major cloud providers and alternate cloud providers including Linode, AWS, Azure, GCP, Vultr, and DigitalOcean. The study found that Linode continues to offer better performance and value for money beating the biggest player in the industry, AWS.


Announcing Linode NVMe Block Storage Global Rollout | Free Faster Storage Upgrade for All Customers

We’re rolling out ultra-fast, better-performing, and more reliable NVMe block storage across all of our global data centers. Block storage rates will remain at $0.10/GB per month, and customers with existing volumes in our data centers can migrate their volumes when NVMe block storage becomes available at no extra cost.

NVME Benchmark Report

Cloud Block Storage Benchmark Report

Cloud Spectator evaluates CPU performance with block storage volumes attached and database performance to determine the fastest overall performance and value per dollar among well-known cloud providers and popular alternative clouds.

New Cloud Block Storage Benchmarks

Who offers the best overall cloud block storage performance and value per dollar?

NVMe block storage now available

Performance upgrade provided free to all customers, new apps in Marketplace

FileCloud Tutorial | Enterprise File Storing Solution

FileCloud is a cloud-based file-sharing application, similar to tools like Dropbox, that allows users to remotely access, upload, and sync hosted files. In this tutorial, we'll show how to set up Filecloud with the Linode One-Click Marketplace.

How To Choose The Best Storage Solution For Your Business?

We live in a data-driven world - we are generative and consume massive amounts of data - from things like Tesla cars to our 4K capable smartphones. Modern businesses have a very strategic approach towards their user data. There are three different types of storage solutions to manage data - file, object, and block. But which one is right for your business? We invited Mike Quatrani, Solutions Engineer at Linode, to talk about these storage solutions. Here are some of the topics we covered in today’s discussion:

S3-Compatible Object Storage Use Cases

How do you address the need to store, access, and organize data? The answer is increasingly becoming S3-compatible object storage.
Stadia Maps

Using the Cloud to Empower Companies with Location Data

Stadia Maps relies on Linode’s global footprint as well as object storage for its Elevation Data that it offers to customers at no additional cost.

Deploying an Object Storage Bucket

Learn how to deploy an Object Storage Bucket on Linode with help from Leslie Salazar, Senior Technical Writer, at Linode.