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Leading hosting automation platform that has simplified site and server management for 20 years.

Simplify server administration by funneling a variety of standard management tools and tasks through cPanel. A web application that gives developers and SysAdmins the ability to manage server environments with one tool. This includes backups, logging, and integrating third-party extensions.. cPanel provides options to use the native interface or use the cPanel API to streamline your management.

Use cPanel’s extensive documentation library to streamline your host management in addition to Linode’s guide to getting started with the cPanel One-Click App.

Getting Started After Deployment

1. Once your cPanel app has finished its installation, open a browser and navigate to Replace with your Linode’s IP address.

This will bring you to the Web Hosting Manager (WHM) login page. Enter root as the username and the root password you created when deploying your app. Click the Log In button.

Web Hosting Manager Login Page REference Image

2. You will be presented with cPanel and WHM’s terms. Read through the terms and click on Agree to All if you agree and would like to continue.

Terms & Conditions Reference Image

3. You will be prompted to enter in an email address to receive status and error notifications. Enter in your preferred email address.

You will also be prompted to provide nameserver’s for your cPanel instance to use. By default, cPanel will fill in the values for you. Update the values with the nameservers you would like to use. If you are managing your own nameservers, enter them into the form or, if you will be using Linode’s DNS manager, enter in Linode’s nameservers into the form. Click Finish to complete the initial login process.

Linode’s nameservers are the following:

See our How do I set up DNS on cPanel? community question and answer for details related to cPanel and Linode nameservers.

WHM Home Page Reference Image

4. You will be brought to your WHM’s home page where you can continue to configure your cPanel instance.

Your cPanel One-Click App installation will automatically receive a free 15-day trial license. You must purchase a new cPanel & WHM license before the end of this trial period. At the end of your trial period your license will expire.

WHM App interface reference image

Now that you’ve accessed your WHM homepage, read cPanel and WHM’s user documentation to learn how to further configure your cPanel instance.

For support regarding cPanel One-Click App deployment, contact Linode Support via the information listed in the sidebar. For support regarding the tool or software itself, visit cPanel Support.