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BlogLinodeMaintenant avec 25% d'espace disque en plus !

Maintenant avec 25 % d'espace disque en plus !

Le caker fou frappe encore ! J'ai ajouté 25% d'espace disque à tous les plans, pour les comptes mensuels et annuels, pour tous nos clients existants et nouveaux !

Linode 300 passe de 8 à [b]10[/b] GiB d'espace disque
Linode 450 va de 12 à [b]15[/b] GiB d'espace disque
Linode 600 va de 16 à [b]20[/b] GiB d'espace disque
Linode 900 va de 24 à [b]30[/b] GiB d'espace disque
Linode 1200 va de 32 à [b]40[/b] GiB d'espace disque

N'oubliez pas que le paiement annuel vous permet d'obtenir 50 % d'espace supplémentaire. Soumettez un ticket d'assistance si vous souhaitez passer aux paiements annuels.

Merci de votre confiance. Profitez de la mise à niveau gratuite !


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    caker.. ive siad this before.. can i have your babies plz kthx

  2. Author Photo

    Caker, I don’t want to have your babies, but thank you!

  3. Author Photo

    Excellent, thanks!

    That means that I can now increase my swap space to be in line with the last RAM increase…

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    Awesome service, awesome staff!

    Thank you!

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    Woohoo, thanks caker!

  6. Author Photo

    Most definitely, thanx caker.

    I love this place. 🙂

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    When I first saw this, I thought someone had reactivated the thread from January – my brain obviously couldn’t believe a second disk upgrade in less than a year.

    Thanks, Linode.

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    [quote:353e946887=”Internat”]caker.. ive siad this before.. can i have your babies plz kthx[/quote]

    I’m afraid the line of people with that offer is now around the block several times. 😀

    Thanks, caker & co.!

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    My linode64 (purchases April 2004) with 4.5Gb of disk space is now a linode300 with 15Gb of disk space… I suppose this means I can do bigger better things; maybe play with mysql and php and apache rather than thttpd and simple CGI and flat files 🙂

    I wonder if there’s a marketting opportunity to re-introduce a new lower rate linode128 with lower specs and cheaper per-month fees!

    Verizon did this a while back; originally their DSL was slower than 768K, but as improvements happened the base model became 3Mb for the same price. A few years later they re-introduced the 768k service at a new low price.

    I’ve no idea if such a product would introduce current customers to change to a lower service or even if it would entice more customers. But something to think about!

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  11. Author Photo

    This offer is not just insane, it is downright [b]du[/b]-bious.


    In all seriousness – very cool.

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    Caker. I just wanted to say that I recommended a colleague of mine to a few days ago and he opened an account. So a successful referral and two happy customers including me! When he told me that disk space had gone up for free I said "What? Again?". I couldn’t quite grasp that this had happened so many times and that it was happening yet again. Linode is simply unparalleled. Thank you very much.

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    I sure am glad I signed up. It was due to your awesome IRC chat, and because I was impressed with your committment to the users and the anecdote of a free upgrade. How true that was. So now you are walking in the steps of Google! I also have gotten a client to sign up with you too.

    For anyone who thinks caker is crazy actually I left my old horrible ISP when I realized after some years they had kept charging me the high end account charge while giving me less than there lowest service (and were horribly incompetent). So this is very good business.

    Love and delicious memory chomp chomp chomp caker!(that’s the cookie monster in me). You totally ROCK! Someone else has dibs on making babies with you I will limit myself to recommending the hell out of LINODE.COM. Thank you!

    Matt Rosin
    Tokyo, Japan

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