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Ubuntu 11.10 - Oneiric Ocelot

Ubuntu 11.10 "Oneiric Ocelot"(notes de version) est maintenant disponible pour le déploiement dans le Linode Manager. Pour vous aider à démarrer le déploiement d'une distribution, nous avons rédigé un guide de déploiement qui vous sera utile. Si vous souhaitez mettre à jour une distribution plus ancienne, nous avons également écrit un guide pour ce processus.

Canonical, comme toujours, supportera Ubuntu 11.10 pendant seulement 18 mois. Ubuntu La version 10.04 LTS reste disponible dans le Linode Manager, qui sera pris en charge par les développeurs jusqu'en avril 2015.

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    Thank you very much Linode. As always, you rock.

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    Ocelot for the win

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    Thanks guys. I will need to update my Linode now to new ubuntu!

    More work for me then!

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    Can we also have Scientific Linux added to the distro list? CentOS has been having issues lately, and SL is backed by Fermilab and CERN, so it’s not likely to go away anytime soon.


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    Well, time to upgrade

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    Frank, Flatmate Rooms

    Good for those who like to be on the bleeding edge. At Flatmate Rooms we use long term support (LTS) releases for deployment.

    We have some servers on “in-between releases” and 18 months is just too short a timeframe for availability of patches. If the only reason for upgrade is availability of newer versions of packages, sometimes it’s just better to compile those from source. However like I said, it’s good for development and being able to give Canonical devs feedback. Being on LTS will let you have a stable supported system that will have critical package upgrades available for longer.

    Another thing we use on different VPS platform is Landscape from Canonical, which is a commercial offering I thoroughly recommend to business users who aren’t on Linode or who have desktops to keep an eye on as well. Great thing about Linode is that many of the Canonical’s Landscape features are built in to the admin interface, although I ‘d like to see more of them with the same levels of polish.

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