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Linux is the kernel that powers the cloud. This section contains content related to Linux, Linux distributions, web servers, and system administration.

The lsof Command with Jay LaCroix

List Open Files and Users Accessing Them on Your System | Using lsof for System Administration

In this video, Jay breaks down the lsof command and unmasks hidden processes by showing you open files and users utilizing them.
Jay LaCroix and Linux Instance Hardware Commands

Linux Hardware Commands | How To Inspect Hardware on A Linux Instance

In this video, Jay explains various hardware commands to use on your Linux command line, such as lsusb, lspci, lshw, lscpu and lsblk.
Using the top Command with Jay LaCroix

Understanding Linux System Performance | The Top Command

In this video, @LearnLinuxTV explains the top command, a useful tool for displaying Linux system information and processes.
Managing Linux Processes, using the PS command

Using the ps Command | Efficient Process Monitoring on Linux Systems

In this video, @KeepItTechie explains the ps command and how to use it effectively to monitor processes running on your Linux system.

How to Use the cut Command in Linux | Top Docs with LearnLinuxTV

​@LearnLinuxTV explains the cut command, a text manipulation utility that allows you to cut out lines from specified files.

Linux Command Line Tips | Use The ‘tr’ Command to Transform, Replace, and Remove Characters

In this video, @LearnLinuxTV explains the tr command and also gives examples of common ways to utilize this command in your code.
Jay LaCroix from the YouTube Channel LearnLinuxTV next to the text using the man command.

Use the Man Command to Learn Any Linux Command | Top Docs With Learn Linux TV

In this video, Jay demonstrates different ways the man command can teach you about different programs and commands in Linux.
Linux Superhero Jay LaCroix featuring the power of curl on Linux.

Supercharge Your Workflow with cURL | Understanding The cURL Command-Line Tool

In this video, @LearnLinuxTV explains the cURL (Client URL) command and how it interacts with restful APIs.
Gardiner Byrant and the magic of $PATH featured image.

The Power of $PATH in your Hands | DevOps Tools at your Fingertips

In this video, Gardiner explains the $PATH variable in Linux, including how to modify the PATH variable and it's many benefits for DevOps!
Josh from Keep It Techie talks about the exa command, which replaces the ls command in Linux and features color coded listings.

exa Replaces the ls Command in Linux | Color Coded File Lister

@KeepItTechie covers the exa command, a modern replacement for the ls command written in the Rust programming language.
Jay LaCroix shows how to install and configure a NFS Linux file server and client.

How to Install and Configure an NFS Linux Server and Client

In this video, Jay shows you how to set up your own NFS client/server and how to use AutoFS to mount NFS shares on-demand.
Brandon from TechHut shows how to use screen and run terminals inside of terminals.

Run Terminals INSIDE Terminals with the screen Command on Linux

The screen command is a tool that lets you launch and use multiple shell instances from a single SSH connection.