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How to Lower Video Transcoding Costs by Migrating to Dedicated Linode Instances
Information on OpenSSH “regreSSHion” Vulnerability
What’s New for Developers: June 2024
Scalable Video Transcoding on Linode: MP4 to HLS with Kubernetes and Capella
How One Customer Cut Costs by Migrating from EFS to Object Storage
Akamai Adds Support for Kubernetes Cluster API
What’s New for Developers: May 2024
What’s New for Developers: April 2024
Getting Started with LLMs: Managing Data Collection
Akamai Takes Home Three 2024 Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service
Introduction to Flow-IPC: Open Source Toolkit for Low-Latency Inter-Process Communication in C++
Enhancing Object Storage Performance: Introducing NVMe Hardware and Expanded Capacity
Akamai’s Cloud Computing Expansion in Madrid
Push vs. Pull-Based Architecture in GitOps
Workloads on Any Cloud: Designing a Cloud Portability Strategy
Akamai’s VPC is Now in General Availability
Make Git Your Single Source of Truth for Application and Infrastructure Delivery
Akamai VPC in Open Beta
Customize Deployments with Akamai’s Metadata Service
Lower Latency and More Flexibility: Why Developers Are Adopting Distributed Cloud
Secure NodeBalancers with Cloud Firewall
Introducing Warm Migrations on Akamai
New in Marketplace: MainConcept Transcoder & Live Streaming Software Apps
Betas for Everyone: Now in Cloud Manager and the API
Docs Roundup: Kubernetes Deployment Methods, Using Object Storage for Backups, and More
Introduction to Server Security
Deploy Workloads in Miami and Los Angeles
European Region Expansion: Live in Amsterdam
Database Foundations
Deploy Akamai Cloud Computing Services in South America
Announcing Asia-Pacific Core Compute Region Growth with Jakarta
Chennai Core Compute Region Now Available
Tokyo Core Compute Region Update
Manage Highly Available Containers and More with HashiCorp Nomad Cluster App
Core Compute Region Expansions in Milan and Osaka
Kubernetes (Down) Scaling: Combining Autoscalers
Deploy Workloads in Seattle (New Compute Core Region)
How to (Right) Size a Kubernetes Cluster for Efficiency
Web Server Foundations
Portability Highlights Battle Between Cloud-Native and Platform-Centric Design
Cloud Computing Service Models
Akamai Opens Newest Cloud Computing Site in Stockholm
Types of Cloud Environments
Metadata Service Now Available in Open Beta
Portability in the Cloud: Standardization & Benefits of a Portable Cloud Architecture
Introduction to Resource Types in the Cloud
Introduction to the Client/Server Model
Introduction to Cloud Computing
Linode Security Digest July 24-July 30, 2023
Information on AMD Zenbleed
Portability in the Cloud: Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) & Serverless Computing
DIY Functions: Comparing Serverless Toolsets
Announcing New Global Sites, New Cloud Computing Services, and Improved Performance
Linode Security Digest July 3-July 9, 2023
Harnessing NoSQL Capabilities in PostgreSQL
Portability in the Cloud: Cloud Native and Containers
Linode Security Digest June 12-June 19, 2023
Is Your Road to Kubernetes Clear?
Portability in the Cloud: Microservices Architecture
Linode Security Digest May 22-May 29, 2023
IaC Essentials: Using Terraform and Ansible
Docs Roundup: Serverless Development, Nomad, Symlinks, Autoscaling, and More
Linode Security Digest May 8-May 15, 2023
Good News Comes in Threes: Our Third TrustRadius Top Rated Designation
Is Your Cloud Development Strategy All Wrong?
Secure Account Recovery with Two-Factor Authentication
Break Down Your Code: An Introduction to Serverless Functions and FaaS
Linode Security Digest April 10-April 17, 2023
Unique Applications Need Unique Data Infrastructure
Linode Security Digest April 3-7, 2023
The 2023 Guide to Open Source Applications for MSPs
Portability, Skills Shortages, Responsible AI, Security, and Innovation: Top 5 Cloud Trends from CloudExpo London
Behind the Scenes: Backed by a Bigger Network
Cluster Deployments Now on Marketplace
Mountains of Data: Big vs Small and Wide
Docs Roundup: Linux Basics, LAMP Stack, Python, SQL Triggers, and More
Linode Security Digest March 13-19, 2023
Level Up Application Security with a Web Application Firewall
Multicloud Calls for Edge Services
Lightweight Kubernetes: Evaluating K8s vs. K3s for Your Project
Behind the Scenes: Incremental Infrastructure Improvements
Linode Honored with People’s Choice Stevie Award for Favorite Customer Service for Third Year in a Row
Kicking Off 2023 Events
Akamai’s Cloud Computing Services: Pricing Update
Manage Serverless Kubernetes Applications with Knative
Linode Security Digest February 20-26, 2023
New Betas Coming to Green Light
Developer Story: Simplifying Docker with Easypanel
A Bold New Approach to the Cloud
Linode Security Digest February 3-10, 2023
Celebrate Good Times, C’mon! We’re a Finalist for Two Stevie® Customer Service Awards
Top StackShare Developer Tools on Marketplace
Linode Security Digest January 21 – 28, 2023
Fremont Data Center Update
Linode Security Digest January 13 – 20, 2023
Linode Security Digest December 11 – 18, 2022
Easily Deploy a Mastodon Server with Marketplace
Linode Security Digest December 4 – 11, 2022
Use a VLAN or VPC to Secure Your App with Three-Tiered Architecture
Linode Security Digest October 30 – November 6, 2022
Deploy a Cloud-Based Electronic Document Management System
Linode Security Digest October 16-23, 2022
Security Apps to Surround Your VLAN or VPC
2022 Fall Events (October – December)
Linode Security Digest October 2-9, 2022
Scaling Kubernetes Across Regions
Proactive Scaling for Kubernetes Clusters
Akamai Turns Linode Up Past 11
Linode Security Digest September 25-October 2, 2022
Scaling Kubernetes to Zero (And Back)
Spanning Multi-Regions with Linode VLANs
Linode Security Digest September 11-17, 2022
Introducing an Updated Linode Marketplace Interface
HashiCorp Nomad and Vault Now on Linode
Top Kubernetes Questions Answered
Linode Security Digest August 22-28, 2022
What You Missed at SCaLE 19x
Linode Security Digest August 14-21, 2022
Low-Code Development Options on Marketplace
Linode Security Digest August 8-12, 2022
Go Private with VLANs and VPCs
Django and SQL: Your Dynamic Duo for Scaling Databases
How SMBs Can Get More Sophisticated in Their Search for the Right Cloud Provider
Linode Security Digest July 24-31, 2022
Linode Security Digest July 17-24, 2022
Build Kubernetes Skills with a New Course from KodeKloud
How Django Does the Heavy Lifting for SQL
Cybersecurity, Recruitment, and Growth: Advice from 3 Managed Service Providers
Linode Security Digest July 3-10, 2022
Akamai Linode Cloud Now Supporting Kali Linux
2022 Summer Events
Alternative Payment Methods Welcome at Signup
Linode Security Digest June 20-26, 2022
Survey: DevOps Pros Look to Alternative Providers and Alternative Payments
We Went to MongoDB World 2022, So You Didn’t Have To!
Big Data Needs Big Databases
How to Select and Deploy the Right VPN
Linode Security Digest June 6-12, 2022
Managed PostgreSQL and MongoDB are Here
When SQL Isn’t Enough
Linode Security Digest May 29-June 5, 2022
Could Managed Kubernetes be an Opportunity to Grow Your MSP Business?
Linode Security Digest May 23-29, 2022
Live Migrations at Linode
Linode Security Digest May 9-15, 2022
Linode Security Digest May 2-8, 2022
Scale Application Databases with Linode Managed Databases
Linode Security Digest April 24 – May 1, 2022
6 Lessons Learned at Channel Partners Conference & Expo
Understanding Managed vs. Unmanaged Database Deployments
Linode Security Digest April 8 – 14, 2022
2022 Spring Events
Linode Security Digest April 1 – 7, 2022
Linode Wins 2022 People’s Choice Stevie® Award
Linode Security Digest March 20 – 26, 2022
The Best is Getting Better: Amping Up Our Commitment to Developers
Managed Security Services in the Alternative Cloud
Linode Security Digest March 7 – 14, 2022
Linode Managed Databases in Open Beta
Galera Database Reference Architecture for MySQL and MariaDB
Linode Wins 2 Stevie® Awards
Linode Security Digest February 20 – 27, 2022
How MSPs Can Improve KPIs with the Alternative Cloud
Docs Roundup: Deep Learning Frameworks, New Linux Utility Guides, and More
Linode and Akamai
Self-Hosted Alternatives to Popular Business & Productivity Tools (Including G Suite)
Introducing High-Availability Control Plane on LKE
Linode Security Digest January 30 – February 6, 2022
Linode Security Digest January 23-30, 2022
MSP Use Cases for the Alternative Cloud
Choosing a Database: MySQL or PostgreSQL
Linode Security Digest January 10-17, 2022
Popular Databases for Building Modern Linux Applications
2021 in Review: Faster Block Storage, New Payment Options, Global Network Expansion, and More
Linode Security Digest December 19-26, 2021
What Astronomical Cloud Growth Really Means For Your Business in 2022
Linode Security Digest December 12-19, 2021
The Core Values of Cloud Providers Revealed in Behavior, Investments
Complexity and Cost Versus Risk
Linode Security Digest December 5-12, 2021
Border Gateway Protocol and Securing Your Linodes
Cloud’s Future Is Not Evenly Distributed
Linode Security Digest November 28 – December 5, 2021
Use PayPal for Your Recurring Payments
Secure & Accelerate Development Projects with Linode Marketplace Apps
Cloud’s Crystal Ball
Why We Share Pronouns: Recognizing Trans Awareness Week at Linode
NVMe in Action: When to Make the Move to NVMe Storage
Just How Big Will Cloud Get?
Linode Security Digest November 7-14, 2021
Cloud Support Is More Crucial Than Ever—And the Status Quo Isn’t Working
What is NVMe and Why Does it Matter?
Breaking Down Walls for a Multicloud Future
Linode Security Digest October 31 – November 7, 2021
NVMe Block Storage Global Rollout
Linode Security Digest – October 24-31
Protect Your Network with Cloud Firewall
Linode Security Digest – October 17-24
Portability and Interoperability: The Secret to Multicloud
Linode Security Digest – October 10-17, 2021: Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Notice: Changes to and
Horizontal Cluster Autoscaling on Linode Kubernetes Engine
3 Ways to Monitor Your Linode Account with Splunk
Linode Security Digest – October 3-10, 2021
Innovators Rely on Linode to Empower World-Changing Ideas
Linode Security Digest – September 19-26, 2021
The Growing Cost of Cloud—and What Companies and Providers Can Do About It
NVMe Block Storage Now Available
3 Things You Need to Know About the Rise of the Alternative Cloud
Stay Free and Open with Multicloud
7 New Apps to Try on Linode Marketplace
Linode Integrates Google Pay for Recurring Payments
The Truth About Cloud Provider Trust
Solving the Multicloud Equation
Docs Roundup: Available Linux Distribution Updates, nftables, and More
Unpacking the Tenets of Cloud Trust
New Docker Container Security Essentials Guide
LKE Now Supporting Kubernetes v1.21.1
New Security and Networking Benefits from Linode
Documenting the Alternative Cloud: Linode’s Take on Technical Documentation
When to Consider Terraform
Celebrating 18 Years of Linode + Some Exciting News
Continuous Operations and High Availability with Galera Database Clusters
Importing Your Infrastructure to Terraform
Using IaaS to Accelerate Innovation in the Cloud
Declarative vs. Imperative in IaC
Lower Costs and Less Competition: Why OTTs Should Consider Alternative Clouds
Google Single Sign-On Now Available on Linode
Best Practices for Designing Your IaC Infrastructure
Continuous Deployment with GitLab, Helm, and LKE Workshop Available On-Demand
Beyond the Hyperscalers: Questions About Alternative Cloud Providers, Answered
Enhanced Images Features Now in Beta
How the Alternative Cloud Benefits Developers
Ant Media, Owncast, and Peppermint Now on Marketplace
The Credible Alternative Cloud Provider Checklist:
6 Must-Have Capabilities
Linode Honored with Faces of Philanthropy Award
Beyond the “Big 3”: The Benefits of the Alternative Cloud
Linode Atlanta Data Center Upgrades Completed
Make the Most of Multicloud; It’s Time to Democratize the Cloud
CentOS 8 End-of-Life Notice And Next Steps for Linode Users
The Value of Containerization For Small Businesses
SMBs and the Cloud: Addressing Migration, Complexity, and Choice
Linode Kubernetes Engine Cluster Driver Now Available on Rancher 2.5
Hyperscalers and Alternative Cloud Providers: The Advantages of a Hybrid Model
See How Linode’s CPU Performance Compares to Other Providers in New Benchmark Report
The Multicloud Imperative: When One Cloud Provider Isn’t Enough
Host a Valheim Dedicated Server with Linode Marketplace
Linode Honored with People’s Choice Stevie® Award
Selecting the Right Cloud Provider: Key Considerations for Moving to the Cloud
Open Source Cloud Monitoring Tools vs. Platform-dependent Solutions
Alternatives to Hyperscale: Choosing the Right Public Cloud
Welcoming New Marketplace App Partners (And We Want Your Feedback!)
Cloud APIs and Why They Matter
How Linode Went from Hardware to Live GPUs in Six Weeks
Linode GPU Expansion: New Instances in Singapore and Other Updates
Weigh Your Cloud Monitoring Options
Linode Wins 5 Stevie® Awards
GigaOm Ranks Linode as “Challenger” and “Fast Mover” to Amazon Simple Storage Service
Self-Service Kubernetes Version Upgrades Now Available
11 New Apps Available on Linode Marketplace
5 Examples of Cloud Scalability on Linode
The Importance of IP Peering in Cloud Computing
Cloud Manager Feature Enhancements Now Available
Why Your Business Needs S3-Compatible Object Storage
Kubernetes Simplified: Managing Your Containers
S3-Compatible Object Storage: A Scalable Solution for the Cloud
Now In Beta: Linode Cloud Firewall
Diversity, Flexibility, and Linux: Prioritizing Generous Transfer
Learn About Cloud Computing, Linux, and Open Source on Our New YouTube Channel
New Enhancements to Linode Object Storage and NodeBalancers
Secure Your Personal Linux Servers with HackerSploit
Fall Events – Linux Security, Backups, Kubernetes, and Community Events
My Linode Journey: From a Minecraft Server to an Engineering Internship
6 New One-Click Apps on Linode Marketplace
Cloud Object Storage Use Cases
Using Object Storage as the Primary Storage for Nextcloud
Mandatory Access Control in Cloud Computing
September Events: Python, Virtual Expos, and Courses
What is Object Storage?
Atlanta Data Center Update
Linode GPU Instances Now in Mumbai
Cloud Moves Can Be Simple with an In-depth Library of Technical Documentation
Introducing Linode Green Light (Beta Program)
SMBs: Love Means Never Saying You’re Locked In
How to Make WordPress Secure: Advanced Steps
Linode Kubernetes Engine First Impressions
July Events: Learnk8s Lab Series
Nextcloud and Percona added to Linode Marketplace
S3-Compatible Object Storage Now Live in Singapore
GitHub Third-Party Authentication Speeds Up Sign-In
Linode at 17: A bunch of updates
Introducing Linode LIVE!
Linode Kubernetes Engine Now Available in Global Markets
Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE) General Availability
How We Support Our Team to Support Our Customers
4 Alternative Ways to Collaborate in the Cloud
How to Make WordPress Secure: The Basics
Release Day: Automating the Linux Distro (featuring Ubuntu 20.04)
5 Videos to Help You Start Your Next Cloud Project
Behind the Scenes: Sharing Inspiration from 6 Female & Non-Binary Linodians
Introducing Linode One-Click App Marketplace
3 Months of Free Object Storage From Linode
New Web Development & Database One-Click Apps
We’re Hitting the Road for DeveloperWeek 2020!
Information on Intel’s Latest Vulnerabilities and Linode
DDoS: An Additional Layer of Security from Linode
Docs as Code at Linode
2020 Winter Events
How Cloud Infrastructure Service and Support Helped Lead Sherpa Through Accelerated Growth
Seven New One-Click Apps on Linode
2019: A Big Year of Innovation for Linode and a Big Thank You to Our Customers
Launch: Linode Solutions Partner Program
Linode Expands Global Infrastructure with Sydney Data Center
Linode Managed Kubernetes Now Available
Notice: Linode Classic Manager Users
Elevate Summit Sydney 2019
High Availability – What You Need to Know
A New Policy to Help Fight Spam
Linode Object Storage is Here
New One-Click Apps in the Linode Library
Linode at LISA19
October Docs Roundup: Rancher, Data Visualization, and More
Whitelisting IP Addresses on Kubernetes: What We Learned
Rancher 2.3 makes it easier to use Linode for Kubernetes
PyGotham 2019
5 Kubernetes Shell Tricks
Coming Soon: Linode Kubernetes Engine
Feedback Needed: Linode Bare Metal Survey
Linode Sydney Australia Data Center – Coming Soon
Introducing A Beginner’s Guide to Kubernetes
2019 Fall Events
Update on 2015 Security Incident
July Technical Docs: Kubernetes, Pulumi, and More
Our Favorite Content Channels for Developers
2019 Summer Events
From Kubernetes to GPU, Catch Up On the Latest Linode Guides
Why You Need A Support Training Team
Linode Mumbai Data Center Now Open
Introducing Linode GPU Instances
Linode turns 16: Triples Dedicated plan storage, halves NodeBalancer cost
Intel’s MDS (ZombieLoad) CPU Vulnerabilities & Linode
Linode Toronto Data Center Now Available
Now Available: Linode Rancher Integration
2019 Spring Events
Introducing: Linode Dedicated CPU Instances
2019 Winter Events
Linode Community Update – November 2018
Now Available: Linode Terraform Provider
Block Storage Now Available in Tokyo 2
2018 End of Year Events
Linode & Limelight Networks
Intel’s L1TF CPU Vulnerabilities & Linode
Block Storage Now Available in Singapore and London
Spectre Variants 3a and 4 (Spectre-NG) and Linode: What you need to know
Updated Linode Plans / New Larger Linodes
Linode’s New Bug Bounty Program – Now on HackerOne
Block Storage Now Available in Frankfurt
2018 Spring Events
Block Storage Now Available in Newark and Dallas
New Linode Community Site
Announcing Linode Block Storage Volumes
An Update to Meltdown: Mitigation Deployed
2018 Winter Events
CPU Vulnerabilities: Meltdown & Spectre
Fall 2017 Events
2017 Summer Events
Linode Network Backbone
Linode turns 14!
High-Memory Instances and $5 Linodes
New Linode Datacenter: Tokyo 2
Network Update: Multi-homed, Increased Transit, Peering
Linux “Dirty Cow” Vulnerability (CVE-2016-5195)
PayPal Payments
Introducing Fedora 24
Linode’s 13th Birthday – Gifts for All!
Arch Linux Network Configuration Update
Summer 2016 Events
Network Status Updates – April 2016
KVM Update
Linode Spring 2016 Conference Schedule
Security Investigation Retrospective
The Twelve Days of Crisis – A Retrospective on Linode’s Holiday DDoS Attacks
Security Notification and Linode Manager Password Reset
Upcoming Events
Introducing Linodes in Frankfurt!
Linode turns 12! Here’s some KVM!
Fedora 22
VENOM (CVE-2015-3456) Vulnerability and Linode
Upcoming Conferences 2015
Linode Is Holding Its First Job Fair!
Singapore Linodes are now available!
The GHOST Vulnerability
Linode Datacenter Expansion
POODLE SSL 3.0 Vulnerability
Linode Managed is even better than before!
‘Shellshock’ Bash vulnerability
Linode Docs Now Open Source on GitHub
11th Linode Birthday / $10 Linode plan
Summer Conferences 2014
The New Linode Cloud: SSDs, Double RAM & much more
Introducing Hourly Billing
Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability
Network Hotplug
Spring Conferences 2014
Linode API: Multiple Keys and Two-Factor Support
Linode CLI
An old system and a SWAT team
Write for Linode. Get Paid!
Docker on Linode
Linode Mobile 2.0
Longview Apps
NodeBalancer SSL
Rails Rumble 2013
Linode Longview
Storage Space Doubled!
OSCON – July 22-26
Velocity Conference – June 18-20
Linode turns 10!
Introducing Linode Managed
Fremont Upgrades
Debian 7.0 and Ubuntu 13.04
Linode Manager Two-Step Authentication
Lish SSH Gateway
Security incident update
Security Notice: Linode Manager Password Reset
Linode NextGen: RAM Upgrade
Linode NextGen: The Hardware
Linode Partners with Treehouse for Video Tutorials Debut
Linode NextGen: The Network
2013 Spring Conferences
Storage increased by 20%
Ubuntu 12.10 – Quantal Quetzal
Rails Rumble 2012 Winners
Rails Rumble 2012
Linode makes 2012 Inc. 500 List
Arch Linux Template Updated
Summer Conferences 2012
Linode Birthday Giveaway!
linode.clone() API Call
Xen Security Advisories and How We Handled Them
Linode Proud to Participate in World IPv6 Launch Day 2012
Fedora 17 – Beefy Miracle
NodeBalancer Concurrent Connections
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS – Precise Pangolin
CentOS 6.2, Fedora 16, openSUSE 12.1, and Gentoo
Events RSS Feed, Emails, and Profile Protection
Linode Manager Brute Force Protection
DNS AXFR ACLs and IPv6 masters
Spring Conferences 2012
Native IPv6 Now Available in All Locations
IPv6 Now Available in London and Atlanta
Ubuntu 11.10 – Oneiric Ocelot
Linode Cloud Asia-Pacific!
Linode Reduces Transfer Pricing
Linode makes Inc. 500 List
Summer Conferences 2011
Introducing NodeBalancer
Linode turns 8; Disk space +25%
June 2011 Conferences
Fedora 15
Linode Launches Native IPv6 Support
Ubuntu 11.04 – Natty Narwhal
openSUSE 11.4
March 2011 Conferences
Debian 6 – Squeeze
Linode $100,000 Giveaway!
Linode, Minecraft on “Attack of the Show”
Rails Rumble Winners
Rails Rumble 2010
Ubuntu 10.10 – Maverick Meerkat
Linode Library Turns One
Linode Turns 7, BIG RAM Increase
Linode sponsors YAPC, fosscon, and SELF
Fedora 13 & Slackware 13.1
Community Library Contributions
Introducing the Linode Backup Service
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx)
Introducing StackScripts
Bandwidth Pooling
Announcing Linode Manager for iPhone
Linode Now Supported on Cloudkick
Linode and the Google Cyber Attacks
Happy New Year, and New Employees
Linode expands into Europe!
Linode stomps competition in performance benchmark
Danny Ariti joins Linode
Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)
Full Linode support in libcloud
Self-serve Linode Resizes
Linode welcomes Dave Finnerty
Rails Rumble 2009
Dr. Dobb’s Linode write-up
New kernels, fixed vulnerabilities
Linode API 2.0
Presenting the Linode Library
King Size Linodes Now Available
Linode Safe Harbor Certification
Linode at YAPC|10
Linode Turns 6, Welcomes New Hires
Linode Manager Security Features
Phil Paradis joins Linode
Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope)
33% Additional Disk Space
Gentoo 2008.0 x86_64 and Slackware 12.2
Backup Service enters Beta
Gentoo 2008.0
Debian 5.0 (Lenny)
Randy’s Remodeled Office
James Sinclair joins Linode
Custom kernels with pv-grub
Instant Activation
Linode hosts Rails Rumble 2008
Randy Estelow joins Linode
The Web 2.0 Show
Introducing the Linode API
Linode 5 Year Anniversary; 20% Disk Increase
New Datacenter: Newark, NJ
New Linode Manager released
Linode 2880 now available
James Barrett joins Linode
Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron
Linodes in Xen
Linode is hiring!
Linode now accepts Discover Card
Private Back-End Network Support
Alert Notifications
20% Additional RAM
Lots of Great Stuff
Clone a Linode to another Linode
Support for High Availability / IP Failover
Fedora Core 8
Move or swap IPs across linked Linodes
Data Center selection on first log in
Self-Serve Removal of Extras
Arch Linux 2007.08
OpenSUSE 10.3
Now with 25% more disk space!
Utility to change a root password
Lassie, the shutdown watchdog
Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon
For Sale: Retired Linode Host Servers
Gentoo 2007.0
More RAM, Double XFER, no Setup fees
Rails Rumble
Multiple Account Management
CentOS 5.0
Debian 4.0 and Ubuntu 7.04
Dallas Upgrades now available!
[RFT] MigrationQueue, for host9-host26 Linoders
Fedora Core 6 (FC6)
100% Resource Increase!
[RFC] New Member’s User Interface – Dashboard
Jeff Dike and Christopher Aker interviewed by VSM
East Coast Datacenter
28% Additional RAM now Standard on all Packages
33% Disk Space added to all Plans, Reduced Disk Space Cost
Gentoo 2006.1 welcomes Tom Asaro
Ubuntu 6.06
CPU Usage Graphs
Linode Three Year Anniversary and 25% additional RAM
Arch Linux 0.7.1
Finnix 87.0
Ubuntu 5.10 now available
Finnix LiveCD Recovery Distribution Support
Network Traffic Graphs
25% Additional RAM now Standard on all Packages
Double the Network Transit now Standard on all Packages
Linode Two Year Anniversary and Status Update
Updated Debian Filesystem to Sarge
Planet Linode – RSS Aggregator
Filesystem Helpers
Updated Gentoo Linux 2005.0 Filesystem
HTTP-Retrievable Linode Stats (in XML)
CentOS 4.0 now available
Linode hires Michael Greb as Customer Service Engineer
Ubuntu 4.10 now available
Linode Wiki
Happy New Year from
Happy Holiday
Updated Support Ticket back-end
Retrieve Your Log in Information
CentOS WORLD-WRITABLE /etc/shadow file
Updated CentOS Filesystem
Updated Gentoo Linux 2004.2 Filesystem
Fedora updated to Fedora Core 2 (FC2)
Slackware 10 distro available
Jeff Dike now Full-Time on UML development
Linode is 1 Year Old Today! 2004-06-16
Request for Testing – SYSEMU Performance Patches Status Update 04/06/04
HTTP-Retrievable Bandwidth Stats (in XML)
Linode Cron Times
Fix for console rebooting on hosts13-19
Updated Gentoo Linux 1.4 Filesystem
IMPORTANT: Hurricane Electric Caching Nameservers
50% more Disk Space now Standard on all Packages
RSS Feeds for Linode Community Forums
Bug Fix – Network Drops and Connectivity Blips
Reduced Bandwidth Pricing
RFT: “ubd=mmap” experimental config option
Linode 2003 Year-end Review
#linode Community IRC Chat Channel (
Fedora Core 1 distro available
Updated Console Access Program (lish)
Host Load Average
Disk Resizing Up and Down
Free Upgrade to Linode 96, help test Host4
New Linode 96 Plan
Host Summary and Average CPU Statistics
Updated Gentoo Linux 1.4 Filesystem
Updated RedHat 9.0 Small filesystem
Updated Debian filesystem
Reverse DNS Manager
Linode selects Hurricane Electric for expansion
Network Filtering Improvements
Red Hat 8.0 (Small) available
Custom “root=” kernel param
initrd support
Network Usage Summary update
Vacation – August 29-31
Gentoo Linux 1.4 distro available
Double Disk Space now Standard on all Packages
Looking for a few Control Panel beta-testers
Resize Disk Images
Recent Updates
Annual-Payments Special – Free Disk Space!
Red Hat 9.0 Updates – update script
Single User Mode
New Linode 64 Host Server
Adding another hard drive to your Linode
Additional IP addresses
Fix for sendmail for Red Hat 9.0 (small) Distro Grand Opening Special

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