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August 2023

Cost optimization and efficiency in Kubernetes, plus new metadata service in open beta

Register for our latest three-part virtual lab series covering cost optimization in Kubernetes. Learn more about cost planning and estimation, efficiency gains from running workloads only when needed, ongoing workload optimization, and more. Register here. Our August developers recap provides updates on releases for Akamai Terraform Provider, new documentation, a web development series using generative AI, and more.
Featured Guides
Kompose is a local command line app that converts Docker Compose files to Kubernetes resource definition YAML files, which you can quickly deploy with kubectl. It provides an easy and more accessible route for users familiar with Docker Compose to start working with Kubernetes resources.
Dockerized is a utility that runs common commands, interpreters, and other applications within a Docker container, saving you from manually installing each command (and its dependencies) to your local system. Using Dockerized allows you to try out a new tool, leverage a tool for a one-off task, or ensure your team is using the same version of a tool.
We’re adding support for cloud-init, the industry-standard software to configure virtual machines. This service is now in open beta supporting Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS in Washington, D.C. and Paris, with more locations to come. Learn more in our blog post to get started, and provide your feedback.
Looking to leverage Kubernetes for scaling application workloads? If you’re responsible for designing scalable and cost-effective Kubernetes clusters or want to strengthen your expertise in Kubernetes and scaling workloads optimizing costs, register for our upcoming series.
Along with new documentation, a web development series using generative AI, and new cloud computing training, there have been major releases for Akamai Terraform Provider and Edgegrid Golang. Check out our recap to stay up to date on the most recent news.
Open Source
RedMonk’s Steve O’Grady provides an informed take on the recent debate around open source licenses and definitions, pointing out that “When we as an industry talk about whether the term open source matters, we need to talk about that question on more than one level.”
Michael Dolan, SVP and GM of Projects at the Linux Foundation, sat down with TFiR host Swapnil Bhartiya at the 2023 LF Energy Summit in Paris to talk about the various aspects of open source and the foundations that support them.
New on YouTube
Check out some of our latest YouTube uploads and make sure you subscribe to our channel for more tutorials and other content from Linode advocates and guest experts.
San Francisco Bay Area, CA USA | September 6-8
LinkedIn Live Session: Dockerfile-less Deployment to Kubernetes with Pack
September 12
Day Zero Training Promo Assets 4-454x200-px-High-Quality.jpg
Chicago, IL USA | November 6
ATO 454X200.jpg
Raleigh, NC USA | October 15-17

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