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Edge compute, security, and delivery from Akamai

Akamai Featured Products

Scale and secure cloud workloads with Akamai’s suite of edge compute products, content delivery solutions, and security tools.

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Edge Compute

Deploy at the edge to limit latency, create more personalized application experiences for users, and automate scaling.

Serverless application functions


Edge computing supports running serverless applications at the edge of the network. Creating functions in close proximity to EdgeWorkers enables real-time decision making with lower latency than centralized resources.

Delivery Products & Solutions

Choose from a range of enterprise-class CDN solutions to increase delivery performance and meet customer needs.

Highly performant multimedia streaming

Adaptive Media Delivery

Rapidly deliver live and on-demand media to meet user needs with Akamai’s Edge platform. Adaptive Media Delivery is a CDN that optimizes adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming to securely deliver high-quality content to users across devices and connection speeds.

Optimize download speeds

Download Delivery

Reliably deliver large files (>100MB) with a CDN specifically configured for content downloads on Akamai’s powerful network. Akamai Download Delivery provides intelligent caching via the Edge network and the latest networking protocols to increase performance and security.

Delivery automation & analytics


Accelerate personalized content for web and mobile applications with a suite of data analysis, intelligent network protocols, and script management tools. Ion allows developers to integrate CDN automation with DevOps workflows.

Cross-region load balancing

Global Traffic Management

Policy-based load balancing directs user traffic to the point of presence where users will experience the best performance. Global Traffic Management responds to real-time Internet connections detected by the Akamai network to minimize latency.

Security Products & Solutions

Akamai provides scalable security at every application layer to protect organizations from data loss and maintain trust with users.

Network micro-segmentation & visualization

Guardicore Segmentation

Secure endpoints that connect cloud, on-prem, and data center infrastructure services with micro-segmentation and increased traffic visibility. Akamai Guardicore Segmentation reduces your attack surface, reveals potential vulnerabilities, and prevents ransomware infiltration.

Web application firewall

Kona Site Defender

Protect your workloads from DDoS attacks and customize firewall rules at the application level. Kona Site Defender includes real-time alerts and reports to track targeted API endpoints, traffic fluctuations, and more.

Web & API Estate Firewall

App & API Protector

Protect applications and APIs from a broad range of threats including DDoS attacks, automated botnets, and vulnerabilities found in the SWASP API Security Top 10. App & API Protector automatically self-tunes based on machine learning analysis of all security triggers, including false positives.

Protect applications from bot users

Bot Manager

Stop bad actors with a tool that uses insights from a global network to evaluate user traffic patterns. Bot Manager is continuously updated based on analytics from 290 TB of new attack data every day to protect users and application data.


Account Protector

Monitor for account fraud

Account takeover (ATO) fraud is a common practice for bad actors to misuse application services and data by posing as legitimate users. Account Protector uses machine learning to disrupt imposters by analyzing user profiles, compiling reputation data, and providing real-time risk scoring.

Scalable access verification

Enterprise Application Access (EAA)

Grant access to business-critical applications without requiring a VPN or other network credentials. Akamai EAA provides enhanced threat intelligence and identifies device vulnerabilities.

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