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Akamai’s VPC is Now in General Availability

Akamai’s VPC is leaving open beta and is now in general availability.
Justin Cobbett

Akamai’s VPC is Now in General Availability

Jan 31, 2024
by Justin Cobbett
Akamai’s VPC is leaving open beta and is now in general availability.
Billy Thompson

Make Git Your Single Source of Truth for Application and Infrastructure Delivery

Jan 10, 2024
by Billy Thompson
Not to be confused with DevOps, GitOps applies DevOps practices to infrastructure and application lifecycle management.
Developer Tools
VPC Open Beta featured image.
Justin Cobbett

Akamai VPC in Open Beta

Jan 9, 2024
by Justin Cobbett
Akamai’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is now in open beta for all users.
Metadata GA
Justin Cobbett

Customize Deployments with Akamai’s Metadata Service

Jan 2, 2024
by Justin Cobbett
Our cloud-init powered metadata service is out of beta and available in more data centers.
Distributed Cloud Computing Research
Hillary Wilmoth

Lower Latency and More Flexibility: Why Developers Are Adopting Distributed Cloud

Dec 21, 2023
by Hillary Wilmoth
Developers see distributed cloud computing as the way to ensure an optimal  customer experience, according to a new study from SlashData.
Cloud Overviews
Secure NodeBalancers with Cloud Firewall, featured image.
Maddie Presland

Secure NodeBalancers with Cloud Firewall

Dec 18, 2023
by Maddie Presland
Seamlessly secure incoming traffic to your NodeBalancers using our free Cloud Firewall service.
Introducing Warm Migrations on Akamai featured image.
Justin Cobbett

Introducing Warm Migrations on Akamai

Dec 13, 2023
by Justin Cobbett
Our new unified migrations significantly improve cold migration reliability and introduce warm migrations for quickly resizing VMs.
Deploy MainConcept Transcoders & More with Marketplace from Akamai Connected Cloud.
Headshot of Travis Baka

New in Marketplace: MainConcept Transcoder & Live Streaming Software Apps

Dec 12, 2023
by Travis Baka
Easily deploy compute instances for transcoding live and media streaming, or easily start streaming with MainConcept Live Encoder.
Betas for Everyone Featured Image
Maddie Presland

Betas for Everyone: Now in Cloud Manager and the API

Nov 27, 2023
by Maddie Presland
We’re making it easy for all users to participate in beta testing products and services.
Docs Roundup.
Andy Stevens

Docs Roundup: Kubernetes Deployment Methods, Using Object Storage for Backups, and More

Nov 16, 2023
by Andy Stevens
Discover new how-tos, guides, and resources recently added to our growing documentation library.
Introduction to Server Security.
Talia Nassi

Introduction to Server Security

Oct 30, 2023
by Talia Nassi
Server security is vital to an effective cloud environment. Learn about it here.