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What’s New for Developers: April 2024


Hello Akamai developers! In this edition of our monthly developer recap, we’re sharing the most recent developer releases with you including Terraform Provider, Terraform CLI updates, Edegrid Golang, and Akamai Authorization Token for Java updates and helpful articles and videos.

Developer Releases: Tools and Resources

Terraform Provider 6.0.0

Our teams have been working tirelessly to bring you version 6.0 of Akamai’s Terraform Provider, working to improve your experience by fixing bugs and making it easier to use APIs. We’ve also migrated to Terraform protocol version 6, which is why the minimal required Terraform version is now v1.0.

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Edgegrid Golang 8.0.0

We’ve also released Edgegrid Golang 8.0.0 with substantial updates, including an upgrade to Go 1.21, standardized naming conventions across DNS and GTM modules, new Appsec APIs, enhanced features for CPS and GTM, a default API request header, and critical bug fixes including the removal of a non-functional DNS method.

➡️ Read the release notes

Terraform CLI 1.13.0

With the release of Terraform CLI version 1.13.0, we’ve migrated to Go 1.21 and updated the minimal required Terraform version to 1.0. We’ve also added policy export support for APPEC and new support of properties and includes for PAPI, among other updates and bug fixes.

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Akamai Authorization Token for Java 1.0.0

If you’re using the Akamai Authorization Token for Java, EdgeAuth-Token-Java, you’ll be excited to hear that we’ve given it an update. We modernized the code to make it compatible with Java version 8 and up, resolving various vulnerabilities.

➡️ Read the release notes

Introduction to Flow-IPC: Open Source Toolkit for Low-Latency Inter-Process Communication in C++

We recently released Flow-IPC, an open source interprocess communication toolkit with near-zero latency. Check out the source code examples to see how easy it is to integrate with Cap’n Proto, a data serialization format and Remote Procedure Call framework for sharing data between computer applications, for fast payload transmission.

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Latest Articles & Videos

Five Steps to Improve Your API Security Posture

APIs are essential for many capabilities, but their security is often overlooked, despite increasing and large scale attacks. However, you can easily level up your API secutity. Mike Elissen has created a 5-step plan to help improve your API security.

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Sentiment Analysis of 40 Thousand Movie Reviews in 20 Minutes Using Neural Magic’s Deepsparse Inference Runtime and Linode Virtual Machines

Sentiment analysis uses natural language processing, text analysis, and biometrics to study the emotional tone of large data sets. But in order to analyze the data, you need a huge amount of computing power. GPUs are fast and powerful, but they are costly, have short lifespans and demand a lot of power and cooling. Alesandro Slepčević created a guide for performing DeepSparse sentiment analysis workload with Linode virtual machines to save you time and money.

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Create a Serverless App Using Kubernetes and Knative

In his recent video, Sid discusses serverless computing and its benefits, including simplified infrastructure management. Watch his video to learn how to set up a Kubernetes cluster on Akamai Connected Cloud, install Knative components, and deploy applications using Knative functions and services.

How Hydrolix Scales on Kubernetes with LKE | Full Configuration Tutorial

CodeWithHarry’s recent video discusses the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Hydraulix, a cloud-deployable time series data platform, for handling large data sets. He demonstrates deploying Hydraulix on the Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE), including creating a cluster, autoscaling, setting up environment variables, downloading and deploying Hydraulics configuration files, and accessing the application. Watch it below.

How to Start Delivering Global-Scale Services | HarperDB Install and Set Up

KeepItTechie recently showcased how to install and set up HarperDB, a versatile database solution that combines the features of SQL and NoSQL. HarperDB offers high availability, scalability, and real-time performance, making it ideal for various applications. Watch Josh’s video to see how to install and configure HarperDB.


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