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The latest innovations from the Linode cloud community

Customer stories and case studies of developers, entrepreneurs, and enterprises of all sizes, from all over the world, who share our mission to make cloud computing simple, affordable, and accessible to all.

Jonathan Oliver - Smarty
Jonathan Oliver

Address Verification the Smart(y) Way

Running on Linode, Smarty processes millions of requests per second, providing location data for companies like Microsoft, DHL, and others.
Aashish Panthi
Aashish Panthi

From an Idea to Solving a Consumer Problem

Aashish Panthi was a winner of Hashnode’s “Build with Linode” hackathon. He built Lootle, a web app that lets users keep track of the price of products.
Mike Kasprzak - Ludum Dare
Mike Kasprzak

Finding Gaming Magic and Running with It

Ludum Dare has been on Linode since 2015. Switching to servers with Solid State Drives improved the website performance at a lower cost.
Frank Karlitschek - Nextcloud
Frank Karlitschek

Open Cloud Choices for Productive Teams

Frank Karlitschek had used Linode for personal projects and believes that it’s one of the best places for people to run Nextcloud. 
Developer Tools
Anand Prahlad - Parablu
Anand Prahlad

Bringing Efficiency to Enterprise Data Protection

Parablu started working with Linode in 2017 for its reliable performance, dependable services and support, and an intuitive user interface.
Nathan Esquenazi
Nathan Esquenazi

Empowering Underrepresented and Underserved Students

CodePath runs almost entirely out of Linode's Dallas data center and relies on Compute instances, NodeBalancers, and object storage.

FUTBIN’s Golden Goal

FUTBIN has been hosted on Linode since day one. The community caught the attention of Better Collective, which acquired FUTBIN for a reported €105 million.
David Shirley - Webquarry
David Shirley

From a Single Server Under a Desk to Data Centers Across the US

David Shirley's story of moving his web hosting business out of a spare bedroom to a colocation facility and eventually to Linode. 
Partner Network

Solving Storage Problems with NVMe

Linode is Stablepoint's fastest-growing cloud provider and the best fit for latency-based use cases thanks to high-performing NVMe storage.
Ruben Stranders - FireServiceRota
Ruben Stranders

Freedom for Firefighters,
Saving Lives

In a world where performance, backups, and automatic failover are essential, FireServiceRota cannot go down.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
Abby Ross - Curriki
Abby Ross

How an Open Source Learning Platform Empowers Educators and Learners

Abby Ross shares more of Curriki’s story. Hear how Linode supports Curriki’s mission to provide educational tools to all.

Apple-Focused Tech Publisher Leverages Linode to Reach Its Core Audience

MacStories needed scalable and cost-effective cloud infrastructure. After considering options, it decided to build its vision using Linode.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

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