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Woman wearing glasses with the text Managed MySQL used as a title, featuring the MySQL product logo.

Managed MySQL on Linode Save Time and Effort with Fully Managed Databases

MySQL is an industry standard relational database management system (RDMBS) that uses the SQL query language.

How To Migrate a PostgreSQL Database to a Managed Database Solution PostgreSQL Migration Tutorial

In this video, @Code With Tomi demos how to migrate an existing PostgreSQL database to a Linode Managed Database.

The Ultimate MongoDB Crash Course Featuring Code With Harry Full MongoDB Beginner Tutorial

In this video, @CodeWithHarry provides a beginner's introduction to MongoDB and describes how it works with hands-on examples.

Go “Hands-Off” with a Linode Managed Database and Save Yourself Time and Money

With Linode, you can easily deploy high-performance database clusters. Managed Databases allow you to quickly deploy a new databases.
Understanding Databases eBook

Understanding Managed Databases (includes Extended Edition)

Deploy high-performance database clusters in modern applications with managed databases for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, and MongoDB

Using Databases Has Never Been Simpler | Building a CRUD app in PHP with Linode’s Managed Databases

In this video, Gardiner shows off Linode's worry-free MongoDB Managed Databases by creating a simple Help Desk ticketing system.
Linode Managed Databases

Linode Managed Databases Now Supports PostgreSQL and MongoDB

Managed Databases Now Available for PostgreSQL and MongoDB in addition to MySQL.

Galera Database Reference Architecture for MySQL and MariaDB

When developing an application, it’s a best practice to create a plan before you build.

Everything you missed at MongoDB New York featuring Justin Mitchel of Coding Entrepreneurs

With our new Managed Databases service that includes MongoDB, Linode was excited to attend MongoDB World 2022 in New York City.

MySQL for Beginners Part 3 | Using MySQL Workbench

n Part 3 of this MySQL for beginner's guide, we will cover MySQL Workbench, set up a managed database cluster, and demonstrate using the app.
Linode Managed Databases Now in General Availability

Managed Databases for MySQL Now in General Availability

Choose your Linode plan, select a database engine, and deploy in minutes.

Saltcorn | An Open Source, No-Code, Database Application Builder

Saltcorn is an flexible open source no-code database application builder. You can use it to build web applications based on relational data.