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Tech with Tim

Linux for Programmers #11 | Key Authentication (RSA & FTP)

In this video, we'll be talking about public and private key authentication (RSA), making it so we no longer have to type in the password for our user, but instead we are automatically authenticated using this special method.

Linux for Programmers #10 | Shell Scripts

In this continuation of our Linux for programmers series, we're going to be covering shell scripts within Linux. Shell scripts are a way to execute shell commands within a script. You can implement loops, if statements, conditions, statements that execute, and expressions that evaluate.

Linux for Programmers #9 | Grep and Regex

In this Linux for programmers tutorial, we'll cover the grep command and regular expressions. The grep command is an extremely useful and common command within Linux, and exists in almost all Linux distributions.

Linux for Programmers #8 | Text Editors: Nano, Vim, Emacs

In this Linux for programmers tutorial, we're going to be discussing some common Linux text editors, and how to use them. The two text editors that come by default with Ubuntu are Vim and Nano, which we'll be going over at length. At the end of the video, I'll very quickly show you the Emacs text editor in case you care to use it.

Linux for Programmers #7 | Environment Variables

In this Linux for programmers tutorial, we're going to be discussing environment variables on Linux. Environment variables are such an important thing to know as a programmer. Environment variables aren't just important for Linux, but also on Windows and Mac, and you should understand how to use them.

Linux for Programmers #6 | Networking Commands

In this Linux for programmers video, Tech with Tim will be going over some common Linux networking commands that you should know as a programmer when using a Linux machine. This is a brief overview of some basic Linux networking commands.