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Balanced performance for nearly any workload

Shared CPU

Affordable Shared CPU plans are ideal for general workloads and include generous amounts of free bundled transfer.

Shared CPU

A balanced array of resources that support a wide range of cloud applications. From personal projects to enterprise applications, Shared Instances can handle it.


Perfect For Most Workloads

Whether you’re running a website, game server, or container cluster, Shared CPUs are the obvious choice for most workloads.


Tailor The Configuration

Start with 1 vCPU and 1GB of RAM and increase all the way up to 32 vCPUs and 192GB of RAM to match your workload requirements.


Price and Performance

No other plan offers more choice. With 10 different configurations, you’re sure to find the right performance at the right price.


Container Clusters

Deploy container clusters to Shared Instances using popular container orchestration tools.

Leading Price-Performance

Shared CPU Performance Per Dollar

Shared-Benchmark (2)

Multi Core Score, 1 CPU Dedicated VMs, 2GB RAM, Location US East

Shared CPU Plans

The Linode Compute Family

Match your application use case with the right compute resource.

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