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Using Cloud Init to Easily Preconfigure Your Instances | Starting Instances with Defined Variables

Using Cloud Init to easily preconfigure your instances, featuring Josh from KeepItTechie.

In thsi video, @KeepItTechie explores cloud-init, an essential tool for managing cloud servers. Cloud-init streamlines setting up your servers by automating tasks, system updates, user account creation and SSH key configuration.

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0:00 Introduction
0:29 Create a Linode
1:55 Overview of ‘Add User Data’
2:46 Config File Example #1
6:00 Paste Example #1
6:30 Verify the Changes on the Server
7:33 Run timedatectl
8:15 Check All Installed Packages
10:00 Create Another Linode
10:40 Config File Example #2
11:55 Paste Example #2
12:19 Login to the Server
14:06 Conclusion

Read the doc for more information on cloud-init.
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Product: Akamai, cloud-init, Cloud Computing; @KeepItTechie

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