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Kafka, Knative, Zeebe – Event-Driven Cloud Native Applications Done Right

Learn how tools such as Knative Eventing, Kafka, and Zeebe can be used to build and support highly distributed event-driven applications.

Cloud Computing

Data Protection in the Cloud: The Move to Holistic Backup and Retention

Watch this webinar to learn about enterprise-grade data backup and retention and holistic, system-based data protection.

Cloud Computing

Python Database Project #2: Advanced Queries and Operations

Learn how to perform advanced operations on a MongoDb database. Specifically, how to query and filter data.


Learnk8s Lab: CI/CD for Kubernetes with Jenkins X

Learn how migrating a monolithic open source project to microservices using Jenkins X can help speed up development practices and train teams.


Learnk8s Lab: Kubeflow – A Cloud-Native ML Toolbox

Learn the merits of using Kubeflow, an open source Kubernetes-based platform designed to abstract away non-machine learning related tasks.


Understanding Kubernetes: Working with Persistent Data and the Linode Storage Backend

In our final Linode Kubernetes Engine lab, learn how to deploy another app and hook it into the Linode storage backend via a CSI plugin.


Understanding Kubernetes: Exposing Services to the Internet Using an External Load Balancer

Learn how to deploy a web app to Linode Kubernetes Engine and expose it to the internet leveraging a NodeBalancer.


Understanding Kubernetes: Creating and Managing Clusters

Learn how to provision a kubernetes cluster, explore the Linode Kubernetes interface, connect to the cluster, and inspect the cluster.