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Linode API


Easily configure, manage, and deploy user management, billing, support tickets, and more with programmatic access to Linode products and services.

    curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" 
    -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" 
    -X POST -d ' {
        "image": "linode/debian10",
        "root_pass": "[email protected]",
        "label": "linode-interfaces-3",
        "type": "g6-standard-2",
        "region": "us-east"

Libraries & Clients

Incorporate Linode products and services into your application code by installing Linode’s official programming language libraries and clients.

Linode Python Library

Install the official Python library for the Linode API v4

​​​​​​​$ pip install linode_api4

Linode JavaScript SDK

Install the official Python library for the Linode API v4

​​​​​​​​​​​​​$ pip install linode_api4

Go Client Library

Install the GO client library for the Linode API v4

$ go get -u

Third-Party Tools

Use your favorite orchestration and automation tools to deploy and manage Linode products and services.

Terraform Linode Provider

Terraform is an Infrastructure-as-code tool that includes management features for various types of Linode resources.

Resource Provider for Terraform

Easy Scripting

Everything you can do with the Linode Cloud Manager can be done through the CLI. Automate frequently performed tasks by incorporating CLI commands into your scripts.


Linode integrates with Rancher; an easy to use GUI for creating and managing Kubernetes clusters.

How to Guide


Manage your Linodes with your favorite programming languages. The Pulumi Linode resource provider makes it possible to control Linode resources directly from your code.

Resource Provider for Pulumi

Additional Features

JSON Format Responses

All response data is returned in JSON for easy parsing and filtering.

The Linode CLI

The Linode CLI has a common sense syntax for accomplishing everyday tasks and gives you access to all our Linode API features.

Authorized Access Only

Never worry about unauthorized modifications to your account. Access tokens are required for every request to the API and OAuth is available for applications with multiple users.

An Endpoint For Everything

Access to every part of Linode. Deploy Kubernetes clusters, attach Block Storage volumes, create S3-compatible buckets, configure NodeBalancers, manage users, and more.

Build The Apps You Want

Create your own dev tools to automate infrastructure management. Build scripts and applications to automatically handle repeatable tasks.

Paginate And Filter Large Responses

Pagination to split up result lists with more than 100 items by simply adding a page parameter to the URL. Comb through data with the X-Filter and build complex filters using logical operators.

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