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Easily manage your infrastructure

Cloud Manager

Cloud Manager is a user- and mobile-friendly interface to deploy and manage virtual machines, configure networking, and control user accounts.

Semi translucent folder, illuminated in a neon-like glow, on top of a black surface, which is outlined in neon green.

Cloud Manager

Manage all of your cloud resources in one easy interface.

A green gradient filled octagon with 4 circles coming off of each corner.

Infrastructure Management Made Simple

Effortlessly create and configure your infrastructure with Cloud Manager. Assign SSH keys, deploy resources across the network, and add cloud storage volumes or buckets all from a single UI.

Two octagons, filled in a green gradient, with arrows pointing to each indicating a flow from one to the other.

Self-Service Data Center Migrations

Cloud Manager supports you with self-serve migrations so you can conveniently move your infrastructure between data centers.

A mouse pointer aimed at a green octagon.

Deploy One-Click Apps

Whether you want to set up a game server, your own VPN, or self-host your software with GitLab, One-Click Apps make it quick and easy to get up and running on your Linodes.

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Advanced Search Features

Advanced search helps you quickly find your cloud resources. Search using simple strings, boolean operators, parenthesis, or custom groups with tags you create in Cloud Manager.

Additional Features

Performance Monitoring

Real-time analytics tracking, per-process and in aggregate, monitoring the performance of your CPU, memory, and network bandwidth.

Adaptive Themes

The choice is yours. Cloud Manager's interface can be configured for Light or Dark Mode with a flip of a switch.

Personal Access Tokens

Manage your API Keys and add personal access tokens for more control over your Linode services.

Compact Mode

Need to see more resources on a single page? Enable "compact" mode to make it easier to view and manage your resources.

Linode Images

Take a snapshot of your disks and deploy them to any Linode in your account in Cloud Manager.

User Access Controls

Share access to your Linodes with your team by adding multiple users. Controls are configurable for each individual user.

Payment and Billing

Manage your account, update payment information, review credits remaining, and print invoices.

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