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Use the tools you love with Linode


Tools to manage and optimize your cloud infrastructure that easily integrate with Linode.


Our collection of integrations lets you connect infrastructure and dev tools to the Linode platform. Manage your Linode resources using the tools you know and love.


Describe your infrastructure as code with our Terraform provider. Write Terraform modules to generate reusable bundles of servers and other resources.


The Rancher integration for Linode allows you to manage multiple Kubernetes clusters across your cloud infrastructure. Use a central UI to configure authorization and access control, and seamlessly manage clusters between cloud providers.


Ansible’s “linode_v4” module can automatically provision Linode resources. Create and delete Linode instances from Ansible playbooks.


Manage your Linodes with your favorite programming languages. The Pulumi Linode resource provider makes it possible to control Linode resources directly from your code.

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