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Most popular open source message broker.

Connect and scale applications with asynchronous messaging and highly available work queues, all controlled through an intuitive management UI.

RabbitMQ is a highly available intermediary for messages to scale applications and prevent impacts to performance due to message processing. Monitor message status and performance stats in the simple interface, or control entirely in the command line. Message queuing ensures that your server is optimized for your application’s load time, reducing performance impacts due to too many message requests. Use plugins to connect to other tools, including Kubernetes and Prometheus.

RabbitMQ Marketplace App Options

The following configuration options create a secure Limited User to run the RabbitMQ Media Server.

The username for accessing the rabbitMQ management console. Required.
The user password for SSH access to the Linode. Required.

The RabbitMQ server software is an Open Source Message broker, used to assist component services to communicate.

The Rabbit app completes installation anywhere between 1-3 minutes after the Linode has finished provisioning.

Getting Started After Deployment

After the RabbitMQ Server has been deployed, you can access the management console by entering the public IPv4 address of the Linode followed by port 15672:

The following login page appears:

To log in, enter the RabbitMQ username and RabbitMQ Password set as a configuration option before you created the server. After you login successfully, you have full access to the RabbitMQ Management Console.

Currently, Linode does not manage software and systems updates for Marketplace Apps. It is up to the user to perform routine maintenance on software deployed in this fashion.

The RabbitMQ One-Click App was built by Linode. For support regarding app deployment, contact Linode Support via the information listed in the sidebar. For support regarding the tool or software itself, visit RabbitMQ community resources.