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Media & Video Streaming


Increase margins while delivering high-quality video experiences to any size audience, anywhere. Drive enterprise performance and speed to market with developer-friendly cloud computing services.



Cloud Computing Services

Whether you’re building a new video streaming platform or just looking for alternatives to the hyperscalers and their high, unpredictable egress charges, work with a cloud provider that makes you the priority.


Customer Story

“We knew that the more we could save on our bandwidth cost and back-end services, the more profitable we would be, and Linode’s transparent pricing made finding that balance all the easier for us. Linode [now Akamai] was hands-down the best option.”

Josh Hintze, Co-Founder, Vendoti

How OTTs Save Money and Improve Performance on the Cloud

Simply put, complacent streamers pay too much and get passed by their competitors. In this webinar, you’ll hear from over-the-top streaming companies that have grown their businesses while saving money.

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