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High quality and reliable interactive live streaming.

Liveswitch is the most flexible video and audio SDK on the market. Ultra low latency meets advanced features for engaging with your audience including real-time messaging, shared whiteboards, and instant interactivity.

Deploying the Liveswitch Marketplace App

The Linode Marketplace allows you to easily deploy software on a Linode using the Linode Cloud Manager.

  1. Log in to the Cloud Manager and select the Marketplace link from the left navigation menu. This displays the Linode Compute Create page with the Marketplace tab pre-selected.
  2. Under the Select App section, select the app you would like to deploy.
  3. Fill out all required Options for the selected app as well as any desired Advanced Options (which are optional). See the Configuration Options section for details.
  4. Complete the rest of the form as discussed within the Getting Started > Create a Linode.
  5. Click the Create Linode button. Once the Linode has provisioned and has fully powered on, wait for the software installation to complete. If the Linode is powered off or restarted before this time, the software installation will likely fail. To determine if the installation has completed, open the Linode’s Lish console and wait for the system login prompt to appear.
  6. Follow the instructions within the Getting Started After Deployment section.

Software installation should complete within 5-10 minutes after the Linode has finished provisioning.

Configuration Options

  • Supported distributions: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Recommended plan: All plan types and sizes can be used.

Getting Started after Deployment

After deploying your application using, the server will reboot once the installation is complete.

Obtaining a License

LiveSwitch Server requires a license to use the software. A free 30 day trial license is available, in addition to paid licenses. The instructions in this section walk you through the process of obtaining a trial license. To learn more about the other license options that are available to you, contact LiveSwitch directly.

  1. Navigate to the LiveSwitch Cloud free trial webpage and complete the trial form. While you will not utilize the free trial for the Cloud product, this enables you to create an account which will be used in the next step.
  2. Navigate to Frozen Mountain’s account page and sign in using the credentials you created in the previous step. Note that Frozen Mountain was the prior name of the company before it was renamed to LiveSwitch in 2021.
  3. Click the Downloads link on the top right.

  4. Within the Downloads page, select LiveSwitch and click Free Trial Key. Alternatively, you can click Purchase to start the purchasing process.

  5. Once a free trial license is generated, it is immediately displayed on the Downloads page (see the screenshot below). Retain a copy of this license key for the Accessing the LiveSwitch App section. The license key is also visible on the main My Account page.

Accessing the LiveSwitch App

  1. After installation is complete and the instance has rebooted, Open your web browser and navigate to http://{your-ip-v4-goes-here}:9090/admin for the admin panel and http://{your-ip-v4-goes-here:8080/sync for signalling. See the Managing IP Addresses guide for information on viewing the the Linodes IPv4 address.
  2. The Welcome setup wizard is displayed. Follow the prompts in this wizard to input your license key and create your user.
  3. After completing the setup wizard, you should see the main Configuration Console for your installation. To learn more about how to manage your instance, see the Configuration Console documentation .

After you have accessed the admin panel for your LiveSwitch instance, you can follow the steps to in the Configuration Console LiveSwitch documentation.

Now that you’ve accessed your LiveSwitch instance, check out the official LiveSwitch quick start documentation to learn how to further utilize your LiveSwitch instance.

The Liveswitch Marketplace app was built for Linode by Liveswitch. For support regarding app deployment, contact Linode Support. For support regarding the tool or software itself, use the information in the sidebar to contact Liveswitch.