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Create cloud architecture blueprints and let Terraform do the work


Use the verified Linode Terraform Provider to declaratively manage cloud infrastructure and version control workloads of all shapes and sizes.


Simplify Cloud Resource Management

Map out your infrastructure in one file with Terraform’s declarative infrastructure management, and Terraform executes via API endpoints for all your cloud providers.


Manage Cloud Infrastructure with One File and One Language

Massive amounts of resources that would normally take up a lot of screen space in your browser or hard-to-read code is succinctly declared in your .tf file. Terraform doesn’t require existing knowledge of a particular language. Hashicorp Configuration Language (HCL) is human-readable and the most important actions are done with a handful of simple commands.


Reproduce Environments and Track Changes

Terraform’s analysis of your configuration files will produce the same results every time you instruct Terraform to create your configuration file. In addition, instructing Terraform to apply the same configuration repeatedly will not result in extra resource creation as it tracks changes made over time.

Introduction to Linode Terraform Provider

Declarative Cloud Infrastructure Management with Terraform

Free ebook

Declarative Infrastructure Management with Terraform

"Since Terraform uses the same language and framework for a variety of cloud providers, the need for developers and managers with provider-specific management skills or certifications decreases. When this essential management can be streamlined through Terraform, it reduces complexity and the need for more specific cloud computing skills that can be difficult to learn as a developer, and hire for as a manager." 


Learn the basics of how Terraform works, installing selected providers, and the basics of the Hashicorp Configuration Language.


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