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Linode Block Storage

Increase your Linode’s storage capacity by attaching additional high-speed volume sizes up to 10TB. Volumes are managed independently of Linodes, so your data persists even if you delete your Linode.


Easily Add Storage Capacity

Attach a block storage volume and increase the total storage available to your Linode. You can also increase the size of a block storage volume at any time. This gives you the flexibility to update your storage capacity as your needs change with a few easy steps.


Manage Your Data Independently

Block storage volumes are managed independently of Linode instances. You can attach and detach volumes to any Linode at any time without having to reboot. Plus, your data doesn't disappear if you delete a volume's corresponding Linode. Simply attach your volume to another instance.


Resilient and Fault Tolerant

Block storage volumes are configured with 3x data replication. This replication, ensures that your data is highly-available.

Carefully crafted for peak performance at the best price.

$0.10/GB per month. Hourly Billing. No usage fees.

Full-featured API

Programmatically control and manage your Linode infrastructure.

Additional Features

Boot from a Block Storage Volume

Block storage volumes are presented as a regular drive to your Linode. This means you can netboot from it or use it as your root directory.

Add Volumes to Your Configuration Profile

Easily map volumes to your Linodes by changing the order in which the drives are presented inside the Linode.

Block Storage Volumes Look Like Local Disks

Block storage volumes show up as if you plugged in a new drive to your Linode. Format and use it just like a regular disk. No special software is required to use the service.

Hot-Plug Volumes into and out of Running Linodes

Work faster without reboots. Attach and detach events are seemingly instantaneous, allowing you to move drives between systems in seconds.

Volume Cloning

Easily duplicate your data by cloning your block storage volumes.

NVMe: Performance & Value Leader

Independent benchmarking firm, Cloud Spectator, found that Linode’s NVMe Block Storage outperforms AWS, Azure, GCP, and DigitalOcean in both overall IOPS performance and IOPS per dollar.

Dedicated VMs (4 CPUs) & 500GB Block Storage - 4K Storage AVG Write IOPS

NVMeReport_StaticGraph_Website_4A-1 (1)

FIO 4KB Random Write IOPS (Higher is Better)

NVME Block Storage

NVMe Block Storage is now available in our Atlanta (USA) and Newark (USA) data centers. Sign up to find out when NVMe Block Storage is available in your data center.

NVMe is the hardware interface for next-generation SSDs. With Linode NVMe Block Storage, you'll experience:

  • Significant improvement over traditional spinning hard disk drives.
  • 10-20x increases in throughput and up to 2000x improvement in IOPS.
  • Performance upgrades for database storage and other tasks where high storage speeds and consistency are critical.

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Arthit “Art” Hongchintakul

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