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Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Best practices and more for deploying containers, overviews of containerization systems, like Docker, RKT, and LXC, as well as Kubernetes, an open-source container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, scaling, and management.

21 Docker Commands Every Developer Needs to Know

Developer Advocate @scrumtuous goes over 21 common Docker commands every developer needs to know to make their use of Docker more productive.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
Lightweight Kubernetes: Evaluating K8s vs. K3s for Your Project Blog Header
Hillary Wilmoth

Lightweight Kubernetes: Evaluating K8s vs. K3s for Your Project

Mar 13, 2023
by Hillary Wilmoth
If you’re considering Kubernetes, but worried about complexity, there is a lightweight container orchestration solution called K3s.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Passky Password Manager | Take Control of Your Passwords

In this video,@gardiner_bryant shows us how to set up Passky, an easy-to-use password manager that can be deployed using a Linode 1-click app.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
David Burgess scanning items with a barcode scanner. Header image for the Homebox Inventory Management System video.

Never Lose Anything Again With Homebox | Home Inventory Management

In this video, @DBTechYT shows how to setup the home inventory management app Homebox running in a Docker container on Linode.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
Shorten Links with YOURLs

Create Your Own URL Shortener Complete with Analytics Docker | YOURLs Tutorial

In this video, @DBTechYT will show you how to set up a YOURLS instance on a Docker container so that you can generate your own links.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
Manage Serverless Kubernetes Applications with Knative blog image
Maddie Presland

Manage Serverless Kubernetes Applications with Knative

Feb 27, 2023
by Maddie Presland
Knative is a vendor-neutral functions-as-a-service tool that works with any Kubernetes deployment.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
Justin Cobbett

Developer Story: Simplifying Docker with Easypanel

Feb 21, 2023
by Justin Cobbett
Andrei Canta, the developer of EasyPanel, talks about his design process and how Easypanel simplifies Docker containerized applications.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)

Whoogle it! Get Search Results WITHOUT Ads with this Self-Hosted Search Engine

In this video, @DBTechYT will show you how to set up your own Whoogle instance running in a Docker container on a Linode.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
Terraforming Kubernetes with Justin Mitchel full course preview

Terraforming Kubernetes on Linode | New Course Preview

In this video, Justin Mitchel from @CodingEntrepreneurs shares a preview of his new course on Terraforming Kubernetes with Linode.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
Understanding Kubernetes eBook (Updated for 2022)

Understanding Kubernetes (Updated)

Learn concepts of Kubernetes, components of a Kubernetes cluster, Standard Kubernetes Dashboard, high-availability control plane, and autoscaling.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
Open Source Caregiver Tracking with Baby Buddy

Baby Buddy – A Childcare Tracking App You Can Host Yourself

Whether you're running a childcare business or tracking your own childcare routine, Baby Buddy is worth a look.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
Zeet decorative image

How Zeet Helps Build Multicloud Strategies that Leverage Clouds’ Strengths

Customers turn to Zeet to set up their infrastructure layer by using existing public cloud vendor relationships like what it has with Linode.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)