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Building and Scaling with Terraform | Infrastructure as Code Series With Justin Mitchel

Building and Scaling with Terraform featuring Justin Mitchel, featured image.

In this series, @CodingEntrepreneurs explains how to set up and use Terraform as an IaC (Infrastructure as Code) tool. In episode 1, Justin configures a remote session and creates a new project.

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0:00 Introduction
0:45 Overview of the Project
1:51 Create a Linode
6:00 Run Bootstrap Script
10:10 Check Terraform & Ansible Versions
11:50 Configure Your VPS + Set Up a Remote Session
19:07 Configure Git & GitHub for the Remote Session
22:28 Recap: Start a New Project
25:00 Configure the Terraform Project
26:42 Terraform Linode Provider
32:54 Initialize the Project with Terraform Init
38:11 Terraform Variables
42:10 Separate the Project Files for Easy Access

Check out Justin’s GitHub Repo.
Read the doc for more information on Infrastructure as Code.
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Product: Akamai, Terraform, IaC; @CodingEntrepreneurs

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