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Dr. Le Dang Trung

Craft of Code
Trung Le

Necessity Inspires Innovation

Dr. Le Dang Trung believes implementing software systems for your business should be easy, simple, and efficient. This belief has been the driving force behind RT Analytics (RTA). His Real-Time Survey and Real-Time Workspace platforms have grown to become industry leaders in East Asia and worldwide.

Raised in a small town in Vietnam, Trung earned an education in economics and became a consultant with the World Bank. He moved on to a doctoral program in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he earned his Ph.D. in economics.

While working on his doctorate, Trung was involved in conducting surveys to collect academic and policy research data. Using just paper and pencil, Trung grew frustrated with the inefficiency of the work, so he and his team started using CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview) technology on Android tablets. But the shift from paper to digital didn’t provide the features, convenience, and quality Trung believed the graduate research deserved.

RT Analytics

So, upon completing his Ph.D. in 2013, Trung returned to Vietnam with a vision to create survey and analytics technology that provided high-quality results on a simple, easy-to-use platform. With his newly formed company, RT Analytics, Trung and his engineers created Real-Time Survey (rtSurvey). “We wanted to develop something we really wanted to use ourselves,” he said.

Building on the rtSurvey platform’s success, RT Analytics created Real-Time Workspace (rtWork) as an all-in-one platform providing 95 percent of a small to medium-sized enterprise’s software needs. From operating workflows digitally to automating management tasks, rtWork is designed to streamline business operations in one, simple-to-use app.

“We developed the software because I couldn’t find the software I wanted to run our teams,” Trung recalled. “I enjoy the benefits of our technology—increasing productivity, efficiency, compatibility. We love to improve it, and we love to deliver it to clients. They want the software we’re developing.”

Knowing how his platforms could be a difference-maker for businesses across the Asian and global markets, Trung and his team saw the need for RTA to make the jump from in-house servers to the cloud. After unsatisfactory experiences with several cloud providers, Trung decided to give Linode a shot. He and his team prioritize speed and ease of use for their platforms, and they set ambitious goals for clients to upload their surveys and begin using the software quickly.

Dr. Le Dang Trung

“We set two goals for an adoption. First, an SME takes two minutes to deploy a sandbox server. Second, it takes 10 minutes to get familiar with a workflow and start using it. This is when we need Linode.”

By partnering with Linode, Trung and the RT Analytics team offer rtSurvey to users in more than 30 countries and aim to provide rtWork to over 1 million small-to-mid-sized businesses throughout Vietnam as a starting market.

RT Analytics is now taking the next step in their growth by incorporating Linode Kubernetes Engine (LKE), which allows them to host online meetings through their rtWork app. “We have clients who have offices in different places, so they’d love to be able to run online meetings in our app,” Trung said. “With Linode, we can provide that.” Through LKE, RT Analytics can predict when a client needs to load an online meeting and scale the load needed (saving costs) in under a minute.

As his team continues to grow and serve their clients worldwide, Trung believes it’s the value, support, and elite customer service that make Linode the right choice for RT Analytics. Through this partnership, Trung plans to continue growing its platforms to new markets and new locations in Southeast Asia and beyond.

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