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The latest innovations from the Linode cloud community

Customer stories and case studies of developers, entrepreneurs, and enterprises of all sizes, from all over the world, who share our mission to make cloud computing simple, affordable, and accessible to all.

David Shirley - Webquarry
David Shirley

From a Single Server Under a Desk to Data Centers Across the US

David Shirley's story of moving his web hosting business out of a spare bedroom to a colocation facility and eventually to Linode. 
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Abby Ross - Curriki
Abby Ross

How an Open Source Learning Platform Empowers Educators and Learners

Abby Ross shares more of Curriki’s story. Hear how Linode supports Curriki’s mission to provide educational tools to all.

Apple-Focused Tech Publisher Leverages Linode to Reach Its Core Audience

MacStories needed scalable and cost-effective cloud infrastructure. After considering options, it decided to build its vision using Linode.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
Dev Mukherjee
Dev Mukherjee

Innovation Down Under and Beyond: From Virtualization to Electric Vehicles

Dev Mukherjee runs Anomaly, a full application developer building everything on Linode and recommending it to customers.
Richard Nelson
Richard Nelson

How Linode Helped Power an Australian News Aggregator

When Richard Nelson was looking for a hosting provider for a new project, Linode was an obvious choice.
Phil Nelson
Phil Nelson

Making Old Time Radio New Again

In this first episode of the Craft of Code podcast's second season, we speak with Phil Nelson of RetroStrange TV and Lofi Scifi.
Suneet Shah

InfoSec Innovation and Collaboration

OpenIAM's partnership with Linode began after a mishap with another provider. In half an hour, its infrastructure was up and running on Linode.
Durga Gokina, CTO and Head of R&D, and Chetan Venkatesh, Co-Founder and CEO of Macrometa

Bringing Innovation to the Edge

Macrometa receives the needed support from Linode to build the foundation and infrastructure to launch their company into the marketplace.
Ben Chavet
Ben Chavet

Removing Technical Barriers to Collaboration

While working with our friends at Tugboat on this story, we learned about the passing of Ben Chavet. This post is dedicated to his life and work at Tugboat.
Developer Tools
Rock de Vocht - SimSage
Rock de Vocht

AI Drives Customer-Centric Search

Through Linode's seamless connection with their preferred Linux operating system, Rock de Vocht moved SimSage's entire infrastructure to Linode.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
Trung Le
Dr. Le Dang Trung

Necessity Inspires Innovation

By partnering with Linode, RT Analytics offers rtSurvey in more than 30 countries and aims to provide rtWork to more than 1 million businesses.
Containers (Kubernetes, Docker)
Taejoon Jung

Taking Cybersecurity By Storm

Linode’s established presence in Japan and APAC pushed Cloudbric, based in South Korea, to choose the alternative cloud provider.
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