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Explore how Linode’s shared, dedicated, high memory, and GPU instances and container orchestration engine provide simple, affordable, and accessible cloud computing solutions.

Andy Stevens

Docs Roundup: Linux Basics, LAMP Stack, Python, SQL Triggers, and More

Mar 20, 2023
by Andy Stevens
Discover new how-tos, guides, and resources recently added to our growing documentation library.
Multicloud Calls for Edge Services - Techstrong Research Blog Post Header
Mike Maney

Multicloud Calls for Edge Services

Mar 14, 2023
by Mike Maney
We’re seeing an evolution in how organizations select their cloud service providers as a multicloud future becomes more inevitable.
Justin Cobbett

Behind the Scenes: Incremental Infrastructure Improvements

Mar 8, 2023
by Justin Cobbett
Building for the future with infrastructure improvements, including more powerful CPUs, NVMe local storage, and firmware updates.
Hero Forge Craft of Code Header
Hero Forge

Secure, Accessible GPU Instances Unleash Millions of Adventurers

A cost analysis of GPUs proved that Akamai cloud computing services were the right choice, and Hero Forge has been a customer since 2013.

Using FFmpeg on Linux and in the Cloud | Cloud Video Editing and Transcoding

This video provides a brief introduction to FFmpeg, explaining how to install FFmpeg and how to use FFmpeg to edit media files.
Rutledge Daugette from TechRaptor
Rutledge Daugette

Ravenous Success: Solid Infrastructure & Reliable Performance at the Right Price

TechRaptor’s compute instances run out of Linode’s Newark, NJ data center. The site’s tech stack includes Ubuntu, Drupal, and MariaDB.
DocuBox | Hashnode Hackathon
Ishant Chauhan & Vaibhav Jaiswal

Developers Team Up to Build an Encrypted, Open Source Storage Solution

Ishant Chauhan and Vaibhav Jaiswal were grand prize winners of the Hashnode “Build with Linode” hackathon with their project, DocuBox.
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar

Making Instruction Easier for YouTube Learners

Ankit Kumar was a grand prize winner of the Hashnode “Build with Linode” hackathon with his project, YTClass.
Aashish Panthi
Aashish Panthi

From an Idea to Solving a Consumer Problem

Aashish Panthi was a winner of Hashnode’s “Build with Linode” hackathon. Lootle is a web app that lets users keep track of the price of products.
Illustration of a padlock that is colored in a green gradient.

Akamai Products & Solutions

Entire dedicated CPU cores for your Linode’s use. No other instances can run processes on the same cores so your software runs at peak speed and efficiency.
Mike Kasprzak - Ludum Dare
Mike Kasprzak

Finding Gaming Magic and Running with It

Ludum Dare has been on Linode since 2015. Switching to servers with Solid State Drives improved the website performance at a lower cost.

Linode High Memory Instances When You Need More RAM Without Increasing Storage or CPUs

Optimized for in-memory databases and caches, a High Memory Compute Instance is perfect for high-performance querying.