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Building in the Cloud – The Shift to Cloud Native

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Organizations must rapidly develop and deploy cloud applications to better meet customers’ changing needs. By taking a cloud-native approach to development, you can quickly improve the flexibility, scalability, and global reach of your applications. Boost performance and increase redundancy while lowering your cloud costs. But how do you get started?

In a new three-part video series, Building in the Cloud: The Shift to Cloud Native, our cloud solutions engineering team and third-party analysts guide you through how to successfully build applications and workloads in the cloud by adopting a cloud-native architecture and mindset. Series starts on May 8, 2024.

What to expect in the series:

  • Boost your understanding of the key concepts of a cloud-native approach to application development.
  • Gain valuable insights into cloud-native architecture, tools, and best practices.

Why watch the series?

  • Learn about the benefits of a cloud-native approach and the limitations of platform-centric thinking.
  • Find out how to build for portability using open-source systems and tools including Kubernetes and Knative.
  • Discover why more organizations are moving to a distributed cloud approach and hear real-world use cases.


  • Ben Cole, Executive Editor, TechTarget (Host)
  • Billy Thompson, Solutions Engineering Manager, Akamai
  • Pavel Despot, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Akamai
  • Liam Dodd, Senior Market Research Analyst, SlashData
  • John Garrett, Founder and Partner, ClearPath Strategies

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