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Microweber Deployment and Demo | Open-Source CMS and Website Builder

Microweber Deployment and Demo with TechHut

In this video, @TechHut checks out Microweber, an open-source content management system, and website builder. Brandon goes over Microweber’s features and showcases its ease of use.

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0:00 Introduction
0:36 Design Concepts
0:50 Linode Marketplace Guide
1:20 Deploy Microwwber
2:44 Configure DNS
3:55 Open Lish
4:28 Open Microweber in Browser
4:30 Setup Microweber for the First Time
5:55 Dashboard Overview
6:20 Preview Default Website
6:30 Live Editing Overview
9:10 Admin Area Overview
13:30 Conclusion

Read the doc for more information on deploying Microweber.
Learn more about Microweber.
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#Akamai #Microweber #OpenSource
Product: Akamai, Microweber, OpenSource; @TechHut

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