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Akamai Wins Three 2024 Stevie® Awards
Jim Ackley

Akamai Takes Home Three 2024 Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service

Apr 17, 2024
by Jim Ackley
Akamai Cloud Computing has been honored by The Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service for work done by our Customer Support, Customer Success, and Trust & Safety teams.
Introduction to Flow-IPC hero image, with text.
Headshot of Yuri Goldfeld.

Introduction to Flow-IPC: Open Source Toolkit for Low-Latency Inter-Process Communication in C++

Apr 2, 2024
by Yuri Goldfeld
Flow-IPC is an interprocess communication toolkit in C++ to drastically reduce latency. Learn how it works, view the code, and try it out.
Open Source
NVMe Object Storage Enhancement Rollout featured image, with text.
Headshot of P. Pushkar

Enhancing Object Storage Performance: Introducing NVMe Hardware and Expanded Capacity

Mar 11, 2024
by Prasoon Pushkar
Our high-capacity Object Storage offers a performance boost with new NVMe hardware and increased capacity.
New Core Compute Region - Madrid announcement hero image.
Headshot of Hillary Wilmoth.

Akamai’s Cloud Computing Expansion in Madrid

Mar 5, 2024
by Hillary Wilmoth
Our latest core compute region in Madrid, ES is now generally available.
Push vs. Pull based architecture in GitOps.
Headshot of Austin Gil.

Push vs. Pull-Based Architecture in GitOps

Mar 1, 2024
by Austin Gil
Learn the pros and cons of push and pull-based architecture when implementing an efficient GitOps strategy.
Developer Tools
Workloads on any cloud, designing a cloud portability strategy, featured image.
Billy Thompson

Workloads on Any Cloud: Designing a Cloud Portability Strategy

Feb 22, 2024
by Billy Thompson
Maximize cloud computing performance and cost savings with a cloud portability strategy and widely adopted cloud-native practices.
Developer Tools
VPC General Availability, featured image, with text.
Justin Cobbett

Akamai’s VPC is Now in General Availability

Jan 31, 2024
by Justin Cobbett
Akamai’s VPC is leaving open beta and is now in general availability.
Make Git Your Single Source of Truth with GitOps hero image.
Billy Thompson

Make Git Your Single Source of Truth for Application and Infrastructure Delivery

Jan 10, 2024
by Billy Thompson
Not to be confused with DevOps, GitOps applies DevOps practices to infrastructure and application lifecycle management.
Developer Tools
VPC Open Beta featured image.
Justin Cobbett

Akamai VPC in Open Beta

Jan 9, 2024
by Justin Cobbett
Akamai’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is now in open beta for all users.
Metadata GA
Justin Cobbett

Customize Deployments with Akamai’s Metadata Service

Jan 2, 2024
by Justin Cobbett
Our cloud-init powered metadata service is out of beta and available in more data centers.
Distributed Cloud Computing Research
Headshot of Hillary Wilmoth.

Lower Latency and More Flexibility: Why Developers Are Adopting Distributed Cloud

Dec 21, 2023
by Hillary Wilmoth
Developers see distributed cloud computing as the way to ensure an optimal  customer experience, according to a new study from SlashData.
Cloud Overviews