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What’s New for Developers: June 2024

We're excited to restart our Linode Live series, introduce Kubernetes Cluster API support, and unveil the latest in our RUM Archive insights. Discover new features in our Akamai Terraform Provider, Edgegrid Golang updates, and tutorials on building scalable streaming services. Dive into our content for expert tips and the newest trends.
Christopher Aker

Additional IP addresses

Jun 26, 2003
by Christopher Aker
If you purchase additional IP addresses for your Linode, you must reboot your machine before the IP addresses will function correctly. Also, remember that the first IP address is used when your DHCP client requests network info. This can cause problems if your IP was and now you’ve added because when sorted, the […]
Christopher Aker

Fix for sendmail for Red Hat 9.0 (small) Distro

Jun 24, 2003
by Christopher Aker
The Red Hat 9.0 (Small) distro has been updated to contain a fix for sm-client, part of sendmail, failing to start. If you’re using the RH9 small distro and see this when starting sendmail: Starting sendmail: [ OK ] Starting sm-client: No local mailer defined QueueDirectory (Q) option must be set or this in your […]
Christopher Aker Grand Opening Special

Jun 16, 2003
by Christopher Aker
Welcome to has been in development for over 7 months. We’re proud to announce that we’re taking orders as of today, June 16th, 2003. If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the “Pre-sales Questions and Answers” or email -Chris