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Additional IP addresses

If you purchase additional IP addresses for your Linode, you must reboot your machine before the IP addresses will function correctly.

Also, remember that the first IP address is used when your DHCP client requests network info.

This can cause problems if your IP was

and now you’ve added

because when sorted, the list becomes:

So now the .100 is your primary IP (when using DHCP).

This is kind of weird, I admit – I’ll look into doing a proper sort.


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    There is a bug adding IP addresses – if you’re having problems making your new IP address work here is the work-around…

    After adding extra IPs, go into your configuration profile and click Save (you don’t need to change anything). Saving adds all IP addresses available to your configuration. Then reboot your Linode.

    In the future, each configuration profile can have its IPs configured.

    New Configuration Profiles (including the Wizard) automatically inherit all available IP addresses.

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